10 Tips to Increase Web Traffic with Email Newsletter Marketing

10 Best Tips to Increase Web Traffic with Email Newsletter Marketing

Are you looking for increase web traffics from email newsletter marketing here is best 10 tips you should use on your email marketing campaign.

You’ve got an amazing website. That’s super. There are blog posts, photos, video, and everything else that experts say you need on your website to make it special. But is anyone looking at it? You’ve got to drive traffic to your website in order to get people to see the terrific things you post on it.

Email newsletter marketing remains a powerful tool to spread the word about your website content. Email newsletters are quick and easy to send. They encourage your subscribers to take action, whether that’s buying your product, paying you for services or taking some other action that benefits your business or organization.

Paul Jorgensen, marketing director at ExpressPigeon, shared that 91 percent of consumers check their email at least once a day. He added that the most popular activity for smartphone owners between ages 18-44 is checking their email. Right there are a couple of reasons to consider newsletter marketing.

Here are How to Increase Web Traffic with Email Newsletter Marketing.

1. Targeted Contacts:

Make sure your email list shines. You need quality contacts to get a quality response from your efforts. Look at what you have in your possession including invoices and business correspondence. Could these people be prime subscribers? Give it a try and see. Make it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter. You may consider purchasing a list of email subscribers, but instead try to build your list by looking through your contacts and making it easy for people to subscribe to your newsletter. Check everything you have and put it into a contact list so you’re ready to go.

2. Customer Centric:

Make customer personas of the customers likely to want to know about your products or services. Businesses do this in their marketing campaigns. Figure out at least a few personas so that you can craft your email marketing to draw upon their interests and lead them to your website. Organize your contacts based upon their interests. Consider seeking interests as part of your newsletter sign-up efforts.

3. Attractive & Beautiful Sign-up Form:

Create a website sign-up form that lets people subscribe to your newsletter on your website. Include interests as part of this form and encourage them to sign up to your newsletter so that they will know about the great content you have as you post it.

4. Meaningful Newsletter Content:

Be concise when you develop content for your newsletter. Remember people don’t always have the longest attention spans. You want to captivate them while you have their attention, so get to the point and get straight to sharing the valuable information. Remember shorter is better if you want to drive website traffic. You want them to go to the website to get additional information, not get everything in the newsletter. If they get too much information in your email newsletter, why do they have to go to the website at all?

5. Build Relationship in Newsletter:

Have a personality. That may seem contrary to tip four, but you can be concise and still let your personality shine. Use words like “you” and “me” to make it conversational. The more of a relationship you build, the more likely it is that they will continue on to your website.

6. Check Properly before sending Mail:

Track website and email analytics. See if your email marketing is having the desired effect. Do you notice a spike when you send out an email newsletter? Check to see if the emails you are sending are being opened.

7. Track statistics after sending Mail:

Looking for content for your email newsletters? Look on your website analytics and see what pages are getting the most traffic. Consider the subject matter on those pages for additional newsletter content.

8. Keep it consistent.

Try to come up with a formula as to how often or when to send out an email newsletter. If you decide to send one twice a month, continue to do so. That way subscribers who love hearing your message will eagerly await the next one.

9. Make your call to action clear.

If you want people to go to your website, make it easy to click on a link in your newsletter and go to your website. Direct them to do so.  Consider a colored call to action button that draws their attention.

10. Newsletter Section in Homepage:

Make sure your newsletter has a home on your website. That way if they want to see your latest articles, they will look at your website without waiting on the next newsletter to direct them. After all, isn’t getting more traffic on your website the idea?

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