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10 Reasons Your Blogging is not Making Money

We all have faced such experience of not making out money as we giving enough efforts wrongly. We give our best efforts but still pathetic earnings make us frustrated and hopeless. But here is the main reason is our unknowingly made faults and mistakes that create such a situation. Based on experience, here is an article for you to better understanding why your blogging is such fruitless yet. Yes, here I shall tell you 10 reasons why your blog is not making money. Here are these:

#1 Irrelevant Contents

It is fact that on the beginning majority of the bloggers can’t make money. So don’t break down. Keep patience. Your blog may have more ads than content and that’s WHY IT SEEMS irritating to your visitors. And the advertising network used by you is not paying you and you are unaware about it. Your contents are made for marketing but they are not worth doing so. Let’s think about it.

#2. Unimpressive Marketing Campaign

The campaign of marketing that FOLLOWED BY YOU IS NOT impressive or appealing. Write for encourage, write for impressing. And if you think giving so much time in social marketing is okay. Then you are taking the wrong turn. Don’t ever follow “share me, I shall share back” types procedures.

#3. Choosing Inexpert Marketer

Don’t choose a bad marketer for marketing. As it is an important fact here. Make a special brand of yours, if your brands don’t have any special qualities, then why shall other prefer you?

#4. Imperfect Design and Poor Contents

Don’t be poor in blogging your niche. Do the perfect web-design with high quality contents. And your niche should be profitable also. And networking is important in every sector, here also. Avoid copying other’s content; use your talent to create better. And avoid plagiarism is also needed to be legal writer.

#5. Complicated Contents

Avoid complicated things that 99% people don’t know about. And common and boring contents give nothing. Try to do something new and fresh. Don’t let your readers run away for your poor and uninteresting writings. Try to keep consistency among posts. Too inconsistent posts make readers go away.

#6. Grammatical Errors

If your grammatical sense is terrible, then people will be terrified too! They will not be interested any more on your posts. So improve your basic in English language as well as enrich vocabulary. Don’t use any format that is insane, it bother people.

#7. Don’t Concentrate on Visitors

Use to stay busy in counting visitors? Stop counting and start writing. If you don’t give them attractive things to notice, why they will come to your blog? Try to promote your blog efficiently, it is also important here. Love your readers, give them the best, and they will love you too.

#8. Too Many Trolls

Too many commenting trolls spoil the appealing look of your blog. Give them reason at least to troll you. Otherwise why is this? And an ad that loads too slowly also is a reason of boredom. It is too irritating as “Buffering”!

#9. Imperfect Look

Design your blog with such color that helps readers to look at. If you use any dark color it is painful for their eyes. So they will not going to read your blog posts anymore.

#10. Mobile Version

Create a mobile version for your site to help the mobile readers. And also keep keywords density in a good rate on the contents.

So, as I have listed the 10 sins, which one you did? Just commit yourself and start resolving. Whether solve these problems otherwise your mistakes will not late you have money from your site. Just find out the reason, make out the perfect solution of it and do happy blogging.

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