11 Advanced SEO Techniques that’ll Double Your Search Traffic

11 Advanced SEO Techniques that’ll Double Your Search Traffic

There are two options for being succeeded in SEO. First one is finding out the perfect SEO technique for your better performance than the 2nd one is putting your best efforts in utilizing these techniques for having excellent result. But the question is how to find out the perfect SEO techniques that works. Well, today I shall introduce you with 10 advanced SEO techniques that will assist in incrementing traffic of your site.

#1. Find Link Building Opportunities

Broken link building is a powerful option in case of SEO. But the problem is finding broken links is not too easy, in fact it is tough enough. Let yourself known about Wikipedia’s editing system that may help you. Wikipedia’s editors don’t delete the dead links right away, rather they stumbles on those. A footnote is added on the site of those links named “dead link”. And this footnote makes another opportunity for others. So now let’s know how to find broken links.

Use this for searching- [keyword] + ‘dead link’.
Now visit on a page related to this from results.
Press ctrl +f and also do search for “dead links”. And then you will find dead links form references.

#2. Find Out Untapped Keywords

Find out untapped keywords from reedit and those will help you developing SEO for your site.

#3. Content Marketing Strategy

choose effective your content marketing strategy and spread your content to your targeted audiences and target places.  people will notify you and read your content regularly.

#4. Update or Republish Previous Blog Posts

Instead of writing a new post, you can share the greatest old blog posts. You can add some new tips, ideas or images with those. Make an updated version of those posts and you will find a better result indeed. You will get a huge traffic.

#5. Make Awesome Title and Description tag

A compelling title with exact description tags let you find more traffic and unlimited clicks. But how will you get know about people’s demand, as what they want for clicking? Copy ad words ad as well as competitive keywords. These will help you having maximum clicks. Have title and description tags formed those and it will work as click magnets.

#6. Commit Yourself for Long Time Efforts

SEO is not so easy, rather it is time consuming, and it does not occurred in one-time. And search engines algorithms are changed day by day. So you need to be updated about knowledge and information always, as what worked last year may not work this year. So try to have a long term outlook and commitment to yourself.

#7. Do Web Analytic

Define your goals clearly, what you want to have? Why are you trying in SEO sectors? Do web analytics, so you can find out among a lot of options what is working and what isn’t. Be a student of SEO, be a SEO expert, for being experienced in SEO terms and be a specialist.

#8. Do Keyword Research

Do key words research or data mining for delivering powerful keyword enriched contents? You can use free tools for keyword research such as ad words keywords tool that will help you having powerful key words that will be helpful in producing SEO friendly writing.

#9. Write for Targeted Audience

Try to satisfy your visitors via writing. Human love having servicing and servicing of delivering important knowledge and tips via writing should be your purpose. Use keyword in the text using a certain density but don’t make contents that enriched in keywords but have no quality.

#10. Unique Contents

Here it is an important fact, and also a challenge for content writers too. Write your own contents using keyword research to impress the target audience. And for having inbound clicks, contents of great quality is a better option.

#11. Use Facilities of Search Engines Tools

You can sign up in Google web master central, bing web master tools and yahoo site explorer for getting more information about search engines, that will be useful in being tricky in using inbound links.

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