13 best tips to increase likes and followers on instagram

13 Best Tips to Increase Likes and Followers on Instagram

Are you new in instagram and know more about instagram traffic? here is most effective and actionable 13 tips to increase instagram Likes and followers. Increasing the number of followers and likes on your Instagram page is quite easy. There are few tips that you should follow to make this successful.

Tips #1

Successful Instagram accounts stick to a particular theme. For instance, if you like wildlife, you could stick to posting a variety of pictures that concentrate on wildlife.

Tips #2

A successful Instagram account sticks to a schedule. This ensures that your followers know when to expect a new picture. In the instance that you post photos daily, you have to continue posting daily. Your audience generally expects a rythm.

Tips #3

Do not update your Instagram account on a daily basis then quit for a few weeks. You may end up losing followers. If you disappear for too long, you will not build a loyal following.

Tips #4

Keep your photos updated and entertaining. In other words, do not be boring. However, do not upload the same photos over and over again. Spice it up and make it entertaining.

Tips #5

At least know what type of photo will get more likes. Make photos that you are entertained with. For a themed Instagram account, it can become quite tricky. One can get repetitive but have something thats new and different that you can post.The audience wants entertainment.

Tips #6

Another tip that will assist you increase likes and followers on Instagram is to use interesting hashtags. These are very catchy to the eye. However, note that they do not keep people coming back for more. Use hashtags that are unique and that clearly speak to the theme of your Instagram account. They are a great way to reach out to strangers who may instantaneously end up becoming followers.

Tips #7.

As we enjoy, the use of hashtags, it is quite possible to go overboard and use too many unnecessary hashtags. Do not use too many hashtags. This leaves an impression that you may be desperate for likes. Do not try too hard to build your audience. Ensure that you use one or two that define and compliment your photo.

Tips #8

Try to respond to the audience. Add comments and interact with them. This shows that you care even though you may not be able to respond to each and every one of them. Let them know that they are appreciated.

Tips #9

Professional photographers have a sizable instagram following. The reason for this is that they take really good photos. They are also aware of what makes a good photo. However, you do not need to be a professional photographer. Focus on lighting, angles, whether the subject is in focus and the subject generally.

Tips #10

Let the photo speak for itself. You can also take an online photography tutorial if you really want to up your skills. Another thing you can do is to edit your photos. Invest in a great photo editing app instead of using the normal Instagram filters. Some good apps are; Afterlight, VSCO CAM and Snap seed.

Tips #11

A number of Instagram accounts that are successful have at one time been featured in either the Explore page, the app’s blog or its suggested user list . Alternatively, you can rely on an organic follower growth. This will grow your following substantially.

Tips #12

A selfie can go viral. Yes, this is so if you take smarter selfies. By this I mean use of correct colors. Cool earthly colors are loved. No filter is sometimes the best filter you can use.

Tips #13

Tag you post with something like #follow #likeforlike. Such hashtags receive more likes than the average selfie.

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