13 successful tips for massively increase pinterest traffic to your blog

13 Successful Tips for Massively Increase Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

Looking for more social media traffic from your blog to become a successful blogger, here are some of effective and actionable tips that will convert more traffics. Your all best pictures may be missed out a large number of traffic for being unaware about giving time in creating high-quality images and outing those amazing contents on pinterest. Actually it is a superb way for making your blog growing up and generating a huge traffic on your site. So let’s know the ways of making your pinterest traffic being grown up for better uses.

Tips 1: Create Informative Pinterest Profile

Informative interest profile can convert more traffics so before starting account add each details of your business so people can get detail information and follow you.

Tips 2: Make user perspective post title

Your contents might be high in quality but if there is no attractive title then people won’t be inspired for check-out and you won’t be able to surge a huge traffic. Make excitement in title and so far people won’t let those go without checking if there a fantastic title is included.

Tips 3: Beautiful & Eye Catchy Images

After having awesome and attractive title for contents, you will need to bold the images. Be tricky, use little CSS trick for your image including which will be showed up during pinning your posts.

Tips 4: Less Content but effective

Filling entire image with huge text may be tempting and irritating also. Don’t do disservice with yourself! In case of scanning feed, uses of more white space will make it easier to catch eyes of somebody.

Tips 5: viewable click to action button

Let know others what to do and thus they will be likely to do. Let’s add a note such as “click the pin and have your pinterest traffic growing today”. Or “let’s know about building blog traffic”. It will give an extra push to visitors for visiting your site.

Tips 6: Red – Action Button

Red tones images are clicked and pinned more in comparison to blue-toned images. Want to push a little more? Then use red button bigger in size.  You can also use pink and oranges rather than blue images. Try to use lighter images as it is preferable more than others.

Tips 7: Real photos will convert more traffics

Photos with people, more than graphics are more pinnable and preferred. In case of redesigning, use photos with real people rather than graphics will help you to having a good amount of traffic.

Tips 8: Informative Title and Tags

Your title, tags and file name should be indicating the theme of your post. There is a alt tag that is description and it is showed up automatically with a pin, so don’t ever leave it blank without filling the information. Relevant keywords should be added more to show up your pin on search engines.

Tips 9: High-end boards

Try to have high quality content on your boards as the best are shown in pinterest now. For getting your contents in front of more eyes, it is an important step. Based on quality of the contents and linked pines numbers, pins are rated actually.

Tips 10: Join and active into group boards

Don’t pin your images only in single board, pin those to multiple boards. And if you want to show up your pins to a large number of audience then you should join group boards. When you search through other pinner of your niche, you will find many boards to join. You can search in boarddeckhq,com. And before joining any, query if the quality of the pins is better or not.

Tips 11: Active with your account

Try to schedule your pins everyday and active with your boards, By scheduling your pins in a good way you can have a lot of traffic according to your target.

Tips 12: Build lifestyle related board

You may have a lot of boards on your pinterest account, if it is not, then you should stop now. and try to be connected with boards that related to your business pinterest account.  Try to bring variety in your contents, try mix contents such as products, tips, lifestyle images and more.

Tips 13: Be engaged always

Successful social marketers stay connected with their followers, and you should do it too. The more you give attention to your pinners the more they will likely to concentrate on your blogs and other sites too.

Actually the pinterest is not a site for images anymore; it is a huge community that let you developing opportunities for expanding your global reach. Use the best tips from this article and drive more traffic to your sites.

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