Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Boost your Sales

14 Practical Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Boost your Sales You Haven’t Tried Yet

The overall goal of any ecommerce site is to increase sales. You want people to buy what you have to offer, whether it’s products or services. Your ecommerce site is what you hope puts you in the game by attracting potential online buyers. Are you achieving the results you want? we are going to present following google analytics for The Crazy Design, who is specialized in devleoping Magento store development and B2B portal Development.

There are steps you can take to boost your ecommerce sales. They cover both analyzing your website and making it more aesthetically pleasing and easy to read.

14 Practical Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Boost your Sales.


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1. Use analytics to track your users.

See where they choose to browse the longest on your website so that you can see what’s drawing their attention – and what’s not. Track from where your customers come, basically from where they are being referred. For instance, is a specific social media site like Facebook leading them your way? Is a link to your site from another person’s website drawing them?

2. Give customers a reason to want your newsletter.

Consider giving incentives for signing up for your website. This could be a discount coupon or something special like a guide that only newsletter subscribers get. Great content in your newsletter will keep them wanting it, but first you’ve got to get them there. Once you get them reading you can convince them about why you’re the best choice around.

3. Add video.

Are you using video to showcase your products? Video can help convert web browsers into customers. Figure out your best products and showcase them in videos. Less than two minutes is best.

4. Use quality photographs.

You want your products to look their best. That takes investing in high quality photography. You can either buy the equipment yourself or hire a professional photographer. If neither’s an option consider using stock photos or asking manufacturers of products you sell to supply photos.

5. Give customers one last chance to buy.

Consider using an exit lightbox to generate potential leads. This could be a pop-up box that catches web browsers before they leave your site. This may be something like a further discount as you try to get their contact information.

6. Use product-specific landing pages.

Select some of your most popular products and create landing pages with plenty of good information on these products. Take extra time to convince customers why your product’s the best purchase for them. Use a strong headline and, if you can afford it, offer some sort of incentive like a free trial period or a money-back guarantee. Really sell that product with the hopes that they’ll buy it and see what else you have.

7. Promote products on your homepage.

Let customers know about the great products you sell immediately by placing examples on your homepage. Just make sure before you do that you have enough of the product to handle the potential increased sales you may have.

8. Promote your business in a sidebar on your site.

Does your ecommerce website have an area for a sidebar? Use this spot to stress why people should shop at your store. Mention not only why you’re great but how you reduce the risk of their purchase, like if you offer free shipping.

9. Give customers more than one way to pay.

You want their purchase to be as easy as possible. Use not only credit cards but Paypal and other options as well. Make it as convenient as you can. If you seek international customers make sure to use options specific to other countries as well.

10. Spread your key messages around on your site.

People may not come directly to your homepage, especially if they are referred from another website. Put key benefits and other reasons to buy like free shipping and free returns in your website headers.

11. Make your site easy to scan.

Use bullet points in product page descriptions so that customers can see at a glance what you offer. You want to take advantage of their time and keep their attention before they drift away, so be quick and fill them in about how great your product is.

12. Promote good reviews.

Give customers a way to leave reviews on your website and promote positive reviews predominantly. This may be just what you need to turn a browser into a new customer.

13. Thank customers with an email confirmation.

Use an email confirmation and auto responders to engage your customers. This may be just a thank you or a chance to suggest other products or add-ons to a specific product they bought. Either way make sure to thank customers for their purchase.

14. Make your about page personable.

Spruce up your “about us” page with some information about yourself and your business. This could be how you started your business or a story about yourself. You want your customers to think of you as a person and your business as being friendly. A personable about page can help do the trick.

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