15 effective tips to create a succesful blog for beginners

15 Effective Tips to Create a Successful Blog for Beginners

A blog is dynamic. It is a living breathing extension of you. Think of your blog as an unpaid sales person working for you.Unlike a website, a blog has content that is updated on a regular basis and allows your audience to comment. This helps you understand what they need most.

Blogging is one of the best ways to educate your community, build your audience and have a lifelong audience. It is essentially the know-like trust factor. It is ultimately focused on purely helping your audience and answer specific concerns. Done properly, your audience can come for solutions and trust you.  It is essential and ultimately builds trust.

15 Tips will Show you How to Make a Profitable Blog.


Tips 1: Set up Account and Get Theme

The first tip is to set up an account and get a theme. You can use a word press theme for example ‘Word Press Theme 2016’. It can be viewed on any device. It is perfect for anyone who is serious on making money online. It is a proven platform for blogging. It is also mobile responsive.

Tips 2: Be Yourself

Be yourself.  People are very intuitive. Always add your personality to everything that you are doing. Facts tell and stories sell. Your audience can tell when you are not being sincere.Share the real you, be authentic, real and genuine. You will start to attract customers which will do wonders.

Tips 3: Know Your Customers

Identify your ideal customer. Otherwise your marketing will be generic and ineffective. This will enable you to have clarity about who you are talking to. You can actually make friendships on your blog.Find your niche until you have one specific customer in your mind. Listen to your customers; online or in person. This will develop that deep trust with your customer. This means more sales and a long standing successful business.

Tips 4: Consistence Post

Have a set schedule and post on a regular basis. Otherwise, you will get lethargic and procrastinate. Once you build a reader list, the reader knows that you will post at a set time.

Tips 5: Diverse Topics

Have diverse topics. Have a creative relationship with someone online. This should be within your realm of interest.

Tips 6: Writing Clearly and Concisely

Keep your posts precise and clear.  Don’t go on a tangent in your blog post.  This keeps the reader engaged. It’s good to be straight to the point and highlight the important points of the blog.Speak to the person; their dreams, interest and hobbies when you are blogging.

Tips 7: Quality and Customer Centric Content

Offer valuable content. These are ideas and content that people actually want to read. Make it something that people actually want to go to your blog for.

Tips 8: Consistent & Reliable

Be consistent and reliable. Schedule it into your Google calendar. Whatever you need to do.  If you are sporadic, they may lose interest.

Tips 9: Don’t Feel Disheartened

Don’t get disheartened in the beginning if you are not getting a lot of hits. It is challenging but do not use that as an excuse. Blogging is a marathon race not a sprint.

Tips 10: Keep Post your Fresh Content

Keep a running list of ideas for your blogs. This way you are never stuck for an idea. This will help you in the long run.

Tips 11: Use of Social Media

Link all social media and remind customers to bookmark your blog. Remind customers to follow your blog. Have an email subscription set up for them.

Tips 12: Do Some Search Engine Optimization

Research on (S.E O) Search Engine Optimization. Though this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Tips 13: Keep your Site as per Google Guidelines

Ask Google any question. There are several training sites. Type it in if you are wondering how to do something.

Tips 14: Keep Easy to Read and Understand your Blog

Keep is simple as far as visuals go. Nice design, easy to go. Make your blog easy to read and make it look good.

Tips 15: Keep Learning Always as per Market Trends

Be flexible and always be learning. Don’t get too stuck on a blog idea. Keep it fresh, simple and updated. Have an interest in blogging and you should essentially have a big following.

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