best 7 social media management tools

7 Best Social Media Management Tools to Save Time

Are you suffered with your busy life and have a not time, here are best 7 social media management tools will help you to save time and your social media activate.

There are several social media management tools that you or your company can use to save time. Every company should implement either of these social media management tools. The reason for this is to make sure that they are effectively engaging with users. They can as well manage their marketing team to avoid duplicate work and consolidate their time.

A Social Media Management tool can be either;

  • True reach- this involves the number of people you influence. It can be both within your immediate network and/or across their extended networks.
  • Amplification-this indicates how much you influence people. It also shows the type of following that you have.
    Network influence- this generally measures the influence of your network.
  • Do not worry in the instance that your score is low at first when you test out the tools that we will discuss below, especially if your business is new to social media.

There are a few social media management tools that can enable either you or your team keep up with assignments, deadlines  and time management.


Edit flow is a great app that will enable you to have customized status updates as well as editorial comments and much more . It  generally makes management easier. You should definitely have edit flow amongst your apps as it will help you manage your social media effectively.


The website helps you to create a one page website with minimal effort because it is so easy. It is convenient to use as well.


It is used to manage several social media sites. It helps give scheduled messages, keep track of everything and measure your performance. You can increase your social following and productivity with this app. This app secures your logins, profile protections and permission levels to keep your organization protected.


This tool is useful for project management. It is pretty easy to grasp. In comparison to Google docs, Asana really does a much better job at keeping your team on task with deadlines as well as project details.


It is one of the most useful tools. It works by scheduling your content and posting it in regular intervals to prevent flooding. This is incredibly handy. It makes it easier to share any page that you are reading.


This is a great social media management tool. It happens to be an all in one social media communicator. Rather than logging in and logging out of six different social media sites , it makes it much simpler to manage your email. You can do this for example from one Outlook account location. This will thus enable you to check in and communicate via email more often.

The 7 minute dashboard allows you to to pull in all your Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, Instagram account, Linked in account and blog account to one place and engage with your followers.
You can  also add links, post photos, share videos or just simply leave messages in specific groups of your liking or on people pages and timelines.


This is a great way to test what works and what doesn’t. Generally speaking, clout amongst other social media management tools should be looked at on a bi-monthly basis. It assists people who want to be better at social media.

This tool allows you to enter a topic for your business, so that you can see how your score fairs amongst top competition.


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