7 Tips to choosing best email marketing tools

7 Tips to Choosing Best Email Marketing Tool / Software

Email marketing seems to be a very profitable marketing channel at present. Email marketing does not refer to sending spamming emails to others; in fact it refers to sending specific contents to a targeted group of people. And the content should be relevant to your goals that will add value and knowledge to targeted people. If you want o build loyalty then communication is most needed. And here content marketing paves the way of having a strong communication.

For assist customers in having better content decision, content marketing is needed as it provides information in a series of articles. And email marketing tools are required for having proper email marketing system. Here tips are given for choosing best email marketing tools.

1. Integration with Contact Database

Manually updating mailing list seems time consuming. Choose the perfect one tool that will allow you generating targeted mailing list with selection in easier way. Assistance in quick automation of a lot of manual task should be provided by email marketing tools.

2. Create Design Template

No one at present wants to read email sitting in front of computer. In fact people love to open their email any time in any devices. And that’s why the tool you are using should provide the opportunity of viewing online in a browser or any devices. In a statistical data, it was published that almost 43% of people check their email on smart phones now. So, while choosing email marketing tools, keep in mind that your email templates should be well optimized for multiple devices.

3. Mailing Statistics

The mailing campaign won’t be perfect one, if the result can’t be tracked. And for knowing about your email marketing performance, you will need to know the number of emails sent, link tracking lists, time etc. preferably visual presentation of those information is required. Digammas should be found ready for reporting at any time with preferred email marketing tool.

4. Response Maintaining

Responses and bounces need to be handled properly in email marketing system. If you are running a small company sending monthly newsletter to 1000 customers, the handling responses for your company is not too difficult and can be handled manually. And thus you can update your CRM system manually. But a large business with ten thousand of recipients will need a email marketing tool to handle these huge customer responses frequently. So prefer the efficient one tool that can handle all the responses smoothly.

5. Payment Options

Check if you find the perfect payment option as you require for your email marketing tools. You may find many marketing tools available in your area but choosing the specific one best suited for you will give you better experience.

6. Easy to Understand Formatting Options

Lets know about your preferred email marketing tool’s offered formatting option and check if you find it useful or perfect for you or not. Find out the best suited formatting options for HTML and plain text. This is also an important term in finding out best email marketing tools.

7. Good References

Different functionalities are available offered by vendors for email marketing. Let’s find out your requirements for designing, such as how much design options you want as available for your system. If you are searching for specific email templates, integration with other IT systems, then don’t accept only commercial presentation of vendors. Rather search for real user experience. For having better information you can search anyone from vendors website, social channels and search a person on your network that used it before.

Focusing on targeted communication and visual identity, let’s try with the best email marketing tool and have as skilled communication with customers.

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