Android vs iPhone Gaming

Android vs iPhone Gaming

Mobile gaming is a multi-billion-dollar industry and it is dominated by two platforms with Android and iOS considered the most popular. However, when the two are put up against each other, which one prevails as the superior? Let’s take a look!

The Release Date Battle:

First place is what we all strive to achieve in life and the mobile gaming industry is no different. So when mobile game developers decide to release their titles on the iOS platform first it makes it a very appealing platform to choose. Nobody likes being forced to wait to enjoy access for something that others have been experiencing for weeks before. Fans of Super Mario Run, Pokemon GO, and The Room will understand. This also means that iOS does tend to offer more of the high-profile games before Android giving it more of a selection of high-quality games available to download. So if you want to be at the front of the queue to play the latest games then iOS certainly has the edge here.

Consider the Cost:

One aspect that is important to mobile gamers is the cost. No, not the cost of the device. The cost of the games to play. The vast majority of games available on Android are free-to-play which is an extremely attractive factor. To add even more weight behind the Android argument, some titles may well be free on the Google Play app store but will actually cost users money if they download the very same title on the Apple iStore. The best example of this was when Rovio Entertainment first released Angry Birds. For players on a budget, Android comes out top.

Mobile Gambling:

A lot of online gambling enthusiasts are now turning their attention to the mobile platform. As online casinos launch their own mobile casino sites and apps it is becoming a more popular pastime with gamblers. Developers such as IGT and NetEnt have released their online casino games in mobile format and many of the most popular providers can be found on review sites such as The bottom line for mobile gambling is that the mobile casinos function better on the iOS platform. The graphics are slicker and the gameplay is smoother. It’s not to say it is poor on the Android. It’s a close call but if you’re picking at the finer details then a mobile slot such as Thunderstruck II by Microgaming definitely looks and plays better on the iOS platform.

Variety is the Spice of Life:

The iOS platform is restricted to serving only mobile devices from Apple. The Android platform has a much wider scope with mobile devices developed by HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, and many more using the operating system. This means that if you want to get involved in mobile gaming on an iOS device then your options are a lot more limited than if you use Android. You need to ask yourself just how committed you are to the Apple brand before taking the plunge. Nobody likes to be pigeon-holed in life.

Fake Games in a Fake News World:

Donald Trump’s PR team coined the phrase “fake news” to describe a media-led campaign against their administration. However, in the mobile industry it is not so much “fake news” as “fake games”. Unfortunately, both Google Play and the Apple iStore fall victims to having fake games uploaded to their stores but the problem is considerably worse on Google Play. If you want to avoid having to sift through the masses of fake games to find the real deals, then you’re probably better off opting for an iOS device.

Frames Per Second:

One of the biggest technical decisions mobile gamers consider when choosing a mobile device for their mobile gaming is the frames per second on offer. It is widely regarded that iOS devices are more consistent at offering up to 60 frames per second for games where as Android devices can often be restricted to just 30 frames per second. This can stunt the visual side of the gaming experience. The more beautiful your mobile games can be, the better.


Ultimately, these are just a few of the main issues to contemplate when deciding whether you want to mobile game on an iOS or Android device. At the end of the day, the decision you make will be an individual one. Just be sure to take every factor into consideration. There is not a lot to differentiate between iOS and Android these days so be ruthless!

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