Best Armbands for iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus

Best Armbands for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

Don’t you find it annoying when your phone is in your pocket while you are training or jogging. It is even a hassle when the earphones are dangling around which makes it an annoyance when you are jogging. It is the reason why companies have come up a solution to the said problem. Not only that it can hold your phone, but you can store your cards, money, and car keys as well. Although, not all of the products have those features. Which is why we have searched carefully for these items all over items, and read the feedbacks of our users. We are going to give you the

Best Armbands for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus :

  1. Gear Beast with Expanded Rocket

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First on our list is the armband case from gear beast. It is a bigger space that can accommodate smartphones with cases in them. It can fit almost any of today’s phones including the iPhones. It is very comfortable to the skin, and it is very soft and lightweight as well. It has several pockets inside along with the phone so you can keep your portable valuables in it.

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  1. Ultimate Summit Access

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Ultimate Summit is one of the popular choices in today. It is ideal if you’re the type of person who is adventurous. The quality of the product is top-notch that a lot has been buying it already. It is made from neoprene which is very durable and comfortable to wear. Neoprene is always known to be bulky, but they have designed it, in such a way, that it is lightweight to wear. It has a built-in key feature to store your car keys in it.

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  1. Tribe AB37 Water Resistant

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Probably the unrivaled product in our list. It is made from quality materials and it ensures you that your phone is protected at all cost. It is made of soft neoprene so that it doesn’t fit too tight around your arms. It is one of those arm bands that you can wear wherever you may go. Your phone always be in good shape. it is compatible as you can adjust the arm band depending on the size of your arm.

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  1. Jemache

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It is a touch screen friendly which mean that the screen is not too thick for it to be able to be in contact with the screen. It lessens the hassle of you needing to take the phone out from the screen. It has an added power and volume button for accessibility. It is made of quality neoprene so that it stays comfortably tight around your arm.

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  1. AILUN Scratch-Resistant

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It is one of the best choices for your iPhone 7as it could both the regular size and the plus variant. It supports the phone holistically for it not to get damaged by its surrounding environment. It is made from a lightweight and soft neoprene that is very comfortable to wear. It is has key holder and sufficient space where you can store the things you need.

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  1. FRiEQ Armband

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It is one of the most universal armbands as it made an armband for both the iphone 7 and the iphone 7 plus. Although, the link that we gave here says that it is only fit for the 7 and not the plus, but don’t worry, FRiEQ has made an armband for the 7 plus as well. It has a detachable feature for an easier installment and disassembly.

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  1. DanForce

Best Armbands for iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus - 7

It is one of the newest and most advanced arm band in our list in terms of functionality and quality. It is very comfortable and has breathable holes to keep you cool. It is both sweat and water resistant that could cater to all kinds sports activities even in the most extreme situation.

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Now that we have given you the list of armbands, you can now pre-order or buy them at they have carefully been selected to ensure the top-quality for you.

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