Best Camera Lenses for iPhone

Best iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Camera Lenses

Most of the time, we always use the filters on the phone to make our images more interesting. What you may now know is that sometimes the filters hinder the quality of the image processing. It has become a part of everyone’s culture to take selfies or pictures wherever they go and post it on their social media accounts. We all know how vast the technology world is growing these days, and how each item being created is useful for us. The iPhone is already one of our generations greatest inventions and what more if we add something interesting to it. To take your picture to the next level, we have selected the Best Camera Lensed for iPhone.

Best iPhone 7 / 7 Plus Camera Lenses:

  1. CamKix Lens Kit for iPhone

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone - 1

Our first on the list has already set the bar up high. CamKix has provided a complete lens kit for iPhone and it already looks like a professional gear kit. It already includes four different lenses to have very creative shots out of it. It also includes a mini tripod for a more stable picture if you want to take picture of the landscape. It provides an attaching case so that you no longer need any adhesives that could damage the surface of the phone.

Price: $39.99 USD
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  1. Amir Clip-On

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone - 2

The Amir clip-on lenses are what you need when you want different types of views for your pictures. It already includes wide angle, fish-eyes, and macro lenses to enhance the creativity of your shots. They are constructed with premium-quality glass optics for superior-quality resolution.

Price: $21.99 USD
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  1. TECHO Lens Kit

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone - 3

Techo has designed universal lens attachments for your iPhone with different modes. It has wide angle and macro lenses to take any type of picture you want. The HD lenses reduces any flare which is affected by sunlight that destroys the quality of images. They are constructed with aluminum casing for superior durability.

Price: $15.99 USD
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  1. AUKEY Ora iPhone Lens

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone - 4

The premium Aukey Ira lenses also provides quality imagine with their high-quality cameras. They are crafted with a durable aluminum housing so you won’t have any problems putting them into any case or whatsoever. The Lenses are of high-quality that reduces any glare to the photos when taken.

Price: $19.99 USD
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  1. Old Shark Phone Camera Lens Kits

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone - 5

The OldShark has updated their lenses with reciprocal Screw design so that you will be to install the lenses easily without the need of third party adhesives; which could damage the phone. You can now take pictures creatively and artistically with their fisheye, macro, and wide-angle lenses.

Price: $6.99 USD
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  1. Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens Pro

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone - 6

The Xenvo is one of the popular choices when it comes to detachable lenses for iPhones. It includes a variety of different lenses such as the wide-angle and Macro lens that allows you to take a picture of the world right in front of your eyes. It includes LED light plugs that is inserted into your phone’s earphone jack that includes different settings for your pictures.

Price: $32.99 USD
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  1. Mpow 3-in-1 iPhone Lens

Best Camera Lenses for iPhone - 7

The Mpow delivers you high-quality lenses that are very easy to install on your phone. It is a clamp-style attachment so that you are able to take it off easily without damaging your phone. It includes wide-angle, fish-eye, and macro lens so that you can take your pictures with creativity while maintaining the true quality of the image.

Price: $10.98 USD
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You may now take pictures of your iPhone with a whole new look. The products have been tested and proven to deliver with what you expect. Take pictures on a new different level.

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