Top 11 Content Writing Tools for Content Writers

Best Free Content Generator Tools / Software for Content Writers

Technology lets more and more people become self publishers. Agencies increasingly seek out freelancers to help with content creation needs. There are plenty of people stepping forward to claim these jobs and opportunities. How can you compete?

Writing is an effective form of communication that can get you far. But it takes hard work, especially when you are starting out and trying to make a name for yourself. Are you being as productive and efficient as you can be?

Here are top tools to help you become more efficient and offer clients the best quality you can. Some will simplify your process and others will make it better.

Best Free Content Generator Tools / Software for Content Writers:

1. Writers Workshop

The University of Illinois’ online Writers Workshop is your one-stop-shop to check your English skills. Its grammar handbook explains many grammatical rules. It covers parts of speech, clauses, phrases, sentences and sentence elements, and common usage problems. There are also citation styles like the Modern Language Association and Chicago Manual of Style. Want more writing tips including how to make better transitions or how to use commas correctly? Here you go, your stop for that as well.

2. Wordcounter

Afraid you’re using the same words too much? Maybe you are trying to spot likely keywords. Try Wordcounter, which ranks which words are used the most frequently. The feature is free. You just have to enter the body of text. Just heads up. You’ve got o copy and paste. You can’t upload documents – at least not yet.

3. Grammarly

Improve your writing skills with Grammarly, a word processor that will fix more than 250 types of errors. It will make your writing more clearly by helping you find the perfect word to use. The world’s leading linguists worked on Grammarly and its grammar checking algorithms to create a program that catches poor vocabulary, contextual spelling hours and most writing mistakes you are likely to make. It helps wherever you write, including on social media posts and in emails.

4. Ilys

Ilys fights against writer’s block by encouraging you to let your writing flow. Just tell Ilys how many words you want to write. It will prevent you from editing or deleting anything until you reach your goal. In fact, you can only see the last letter you typed. This forces you to let go of your inner editor and let your creativity soar. Practice makes perfect, and this will help you overcome your fears of your writing not being good enough. You can go back and edit – after you finish getting your idea down first.

5. Plagiarism Detect

Copying others’ work gets you in huge trouble in school. The same is true when you write online copy. It can lose you writing jobs, get your website penalized, and get your content flagged. Don’t risk it. Test the originality of your copy by using Plagiarism Detect.

6. Hemingway App

It’s super cool to have the gift of gab when talking to your friends, but you don’t always want to do that when you are writing. That’s where the Hemingway App comes into play. The app will make your sentence yellow if it’s a long, complex sentence in need of shortening or splitting. A red highlight means people will get lost trying to follow it, which gives you the cue to make it less complicated. Green means passive voice, purple means you can use a shorter word, and blue means your adverb’s pretty weak.

7. Cliché Finder

You want your writing to sound original, right? So you want to avoid using a cliché. Cliché Finder helps you spot clichés in your writing to you get them out of there. You just copy and paste your writing them click a button to check it.

8. Stormboard

Nothing like brainstorming to get those creative juices flowing. Stormboard is your brainstorming tool. It works on both computers and mobile devices on any modern web browser. Save text, photos, video, sketches and more. Stormboard comes with free and paid subscriptions. If it’s just for your writing and you don’t need to collaborate with others, the free will probably do. So get organizing and brainstorming on your best ideas.

9. HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Not sure what to write about? Let HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator help you out of a jam. Type up to three keywords and the program will give you a long list of subjects to help get you on your way.

10. Writeapp

A curse of being a writer is coming up with plenty of ideas that you have to put off until you have time to work on them. Writeapp is your private online notebook in which you can protect your ideas and drafts. You can keep it private or mark it as public if you want. Either way it’s a distraction-free writing portal that lets you focus on getting those ideas saved.


Sometimes writing’s not enough. What better to complement your writing than visualizations of your data? is the tool you need. Make infographics and interactive charts that give that extra something to your content.

These tools will help you create great content. Now get writing.


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