Best Free Proxy Server Website List

Best Free Proxy Server Website List

If you have a problem about a website being blocked that you desperately need to visit, then if that it’s the case all you need is a proxy server. Look no further for fake and bogus sites as we are going to present to you our Top 18 Free Proxy Servers that have been tried and tasted. Don’t worry about using it because all of which are safe and easy to use.  You no longer have to be fooled by unsafe proxy serves that could end your computer’s life.

Best Free Proxy Server Website List:

1. delivers users a fresh and unique interface which can be compared to a professional website’s design. It provides several servers just in case one prominent server doesn’t work out for you. it is one of the most reliable anonymous proxy server, and you may browse through mobile as well. It doesn’t have any annoying pop-ups, but usual advertisements only.


With a proxy server that’s easy to navigate around with, offers the convenience of entering of the blocked site with no difficulty at all. You may also use the option list which opens several choices of your preference. It is simple, yet effective and safe to us.


Despite the fact that it has numerous unpleasing pop-ups, it is still a reliable website. still delivers the appropriate outcome from what it’s expected to do. For everyone’s convenience, the URL bar can be found right at the homepage of the server.


With a simplistic design and approach, is a free proxy service that provides the users with a list of IP addresses along with its location. If you wish to use a private proxy, you have to pay a certain amount for it.


If you want to visit a website without your country stalking your every move, is the right one for you. Considering that it is a free proxy server, it also convenient for all the users who want a private browsing period. The serve is clean and reliable to use.

6. only ensures the right of anonymity of every user around the world. It contains different proxy servers around the world, so it is almost like a directory of proxy servers. Don’t worry about it because it has been tested and proven that the given servers are reliable.


If you visit a location where your favorite websites are blocked, is always available to anonymously browse a page. All you need to do is to type the address in their allocated bar on the bottom of the site. Moreover, it also contains the list of reliable proxy servers on their home page.


As one of the leading free proxy server site is a simple looking, yet efficient website to use. It allows you to choose which options you want to be enabled or disabled before you surf the website. It doesn’t showcase numerous advertisements, and no pop-up windows as well. The URL bar can be located on the homepage itself for convenience.


At most times at work, there are certain websites that are block to avoid distraction. If you want to take a quick break from your job by visiting a website, is the proxy serve to use. It is easy, fast and reliable. You don’t need to navigate around the site as much. Just type your desired address at the URL located at the center of the homepage.

10. is a fast and reliable proxy server that is easy to get around with. Although it has advertisements, it is exaggerated with its popups, so it is still attractive for users who wish to be anonymous while browsing. Just type the URL on the address bar below the homepage to get started.


if you are annoyed or irritated with proxy servers that features numerous advertisements, doesn’t have any of those. It is a smooth operating proxy site, and mind you that it is free of use. There is no speed limit to it which makes it very convenient to use. Animosity is a must if you want to be private with the websites you browse., because everyone has the right to do so.


Although with a VIP membership for secured sites, still delivers fast and reliable service for its very purpose. You may choose whether you want the language of the webpage to either be English or Deutsch. It may be irritating as you need go through several pages before you can actually get to the very homepage of the proxy server.

13. has three varieties of services which are proxify basic, proxify pro and switch proxy. This means that depending on the user if they desire for it to be personal use, commercial use, or professional use which simultaneously provides different systems. This is indeed a professional service proxy server, but it would cost you for that membership.


You need to enable your AdBlocker to make this more convenient for you. you may try to navigate around the website, and it is still easy to use. If there are still advertisements that shows up, just go through it.

15. only contains a few advertisements before proceeding to the actual proxy site. This is a fast and reliable proxy site so you don’t need to worry about the waiting time. It has unique features among the other proxy sites listed here. When you start typing in the sites and visiting them, you will no longer encounter irritating advertisements along the way.


It is just a pretty straight-forward proxy server to use without any necessary features to contain. features a simple design with a black motif as their background. The URL is right at the homepage so you don’t need to go in circles with the proxy site.

17. is a Netherlands based proxy site. You don’t have to worry about the language barrier between you and the page as you can change it to another language that you can comprehend. There are no unnecessary advertisements on this proxy server.


Another proxy server site that requires you enable your advertisement blocker. Having that said, offers good and fast service when you want a private or anonymous browsing.


I have just provided you with the top trending and leading free proxy server sites to help you get through with blocked websites. There may be some proxy sites that are not enlisted here, but we only want what is the best for you that has been tried and tested by other users.

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