Best Free GIF Maker Apps for iPhone & Ipad

Best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone

The animated image file format GIF is continuing to be popular. They are used to celebrate good news or just to have fun. It’s even more fun when you make them yourselves.

There are GIF makers that you can use with your iPhone. You can turn videos you took at the football game, wedding or a night out with friends into a GIF. You can then share them instantly on your social media accounts.

It can be difficult to make them, but there are apps to help. Here are our suggested 6 best GIF maker apps for your iPhone.

Best GIF Maker Apps for iPhone:

1. Giphy Cam

You can use the camera on your iPhone to create a GIF with Giphy Cam. This app lets you add animation effects then share your GIF. It includes filters like punchy, focus, poster, rainbow and hypno as well as sticker packs.

You use the camera with the arrows icon in the top right corner of the screen to take the video then choose what filter or effect you want from the thumbnails below. Getting the video can be done by holding the red button to record a short looping GIF or taking five quick photos that will become your GIF. You can save your GIF to your camera and share it.

2. GIF Maker

GIF Maker lets you convert videos and photos to GIFs. You add frames, texts and filters with the option of choosing from more than 60 filters. That and boomerang and meme options give you creative power. You can also use the live camera to make your own GIFs.

Among possibilities is making popular boomerang videos for Instagram. You can turn your photos into funny memes. There is both a free version and a premium version.

3. Gifx

Gifx lets you be an artist. At least a funny one, and everyone needs some humor.

Gifx lets you add masks and music to your photos and videos to turn them into nifty animated GIFs. There are more than 300 unique artistic GIFs built into Gifx. Search through a huge online library and find for GIFs that you can use with stickers, music, sports and other themes.

The more than 200 animated GIF effects and more than 100 masks will keep you busy as you try out this app.

4. LoopVid

Gather your super fun moments, click a button and turn them into a looping video. It’s similar to a boomerang but longer. You can download LoopVid for free and make it happen.

LoopVid lets you take 1 to 9-second videos and play them again in forward or reverse. Add filters to make it even more enjoyable.

5. GifsArt

GifsArt from PicsArt gives you a one-stop shop for making your animated GIFs.

You can take videos, photos and other GIFs and turn them into creations by customizing them. The app features a built-in library of effects, masks, text and stickers. You can also use your phone’s camera.

You can easily share your creations on social media and impress your friends.

6. GIF Maker for Instagram

Instagram’s a hit with social media fans. Your GIFs can be a hit too. Make them with the GIF Maker for Instagram.

This app lets you create GIFs easily and share them to Instagram. You control the play speed and mode including forward, reverse and ping-pong.

Make funny GIFs from your favorite moments and share them on Instagram to celebrate your good times.

That’s six of our suggestions when it comes to GIF maker apps. It’s also only the beginning of the apps available. Find your app and make crazy fun or memorable animated GIFS that will help you remember all of life’s finer moments.

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