15 Best Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

Best Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks

Forget card tricks to impress your guests. Have you heard of Google gravity tricks? These search engine tricks based on javascript codes created by programmers will amaze your friends. OK, maybe not amaze. But it will give you something to talk about and play some show and tell online.

Want to know what we’re talking about? Here are some hidden features about which you may not know.

Best Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky Tricks:

1. Google Space
Google Space, also known as Anti-Gravity Google, makes all the elements float on the screen. If you drag an object it floats on the screen. Imagine astronauts floating in outer space and you’ll get the idea.

2. Zero Gravity Space
Zero Gravity Space is the complete opposite. This trick makes all the contents of the web page fall down. That includes texts and images. If you search for anything using the search engine, your results come from the top and immediately fall to the bottom.

3. Google Guitar
Play it again. Google Guitar lets you get down and rock with your search engine. Not really, but when you try to type something in the search box it plays a guitar beat. Strings also appear on the screen, letting you play the guitar and record your music. It’s a rockin’ trick that will get your friends to bop their heads – or grimace at your not quite up to par playing.

4. elgooG
Yes, that’s Google spelled backwards. If you try elgooG, everything will be backwards. It forms a mirror image of Google. Just hand it to your buddies and dare them to type something. Their mind will spin, or at least their eyes will go backwards.

5. Google Gravity Underwater
Head out to the deep seas with Google Gravity Underwater. You’ll see fish floating in the background and the contents float, giving you the appearance you’re completely underwater. Just watch out for your friends’ safety. There’s sharks.

6. Google Sphere
Have a ball with Google Sphere. When you go the link you’ll see what we mean. All options that you usually see on the Google homepage start swirling into the shape of a sphere. You can move your mouse pointer up and down to change its direction.

7. Do a Barrel Roll
Not you. Make Google do a barrel roll. Tell your pal to type “Do a barrel roll” into Google’s search engine. The contents on the page will do a 360-degree somersault.

8. Zerg Rush
What’s a Zerg Rush? Doesn’t matter. Ask your friend that question and have your friend do a Google search for it. Zeros will appear and start erasing the screen’s content. Tell them to do the search then just wait to see the confused look in their eyes.

9. Google Funny
Google Funny changes the wording of the Google logo. Type Funny Google in the search bar and then click on “I’m feeling lucky” You can let it say Google Funny or type your own phrase. Set it up before your friend types it so you can surprise your friend.

10. Walking to Mordor
Got a pal who’s a bit of a geek? That’s the target for this trick. Ask him or her to type “Walking to Mordor” into the search bar. What will pop up instead is a website for Nerd Fitness.

11. Google Gravity Mirror
GoogleGravity Mirror is another one that will mirror the screen. Type something in the search bar and tap enter and the trick continues.

12. Ninja Google
Don’t worry. You don’t have to try this trick and duck. Type “Ninja Google” into the search bar and it will take you to a ninja-type design.

13. Google Pacman
Do you get nostalgic over the Pacman game? Type Google Pacman into the search engine bar and you’ll be able to play Google’s version. Granted, if whomever you tell to do it hasn’t heard of the game it may show your age.

14. Google Rainbow
Search for Google Rainbow then hit “I feel lucky.” You’ll see a very colorful rainbow over the Google logo. It’s just what you need to put some color in someone’s life.

15. Weenie Google
No, we aren’t cooking out hotdogs. Type in “Weenie Google” and tap on “I feel lucky.” Weenie Google will appear instead of Google’s logo as the letters begin to shrink to weenie size.

That’s our top 15 Google Gravity tricks. We hope you enjoyed.

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