Best Headphones For VR (Virtual Reality)

best Wireless Headphones for Gear VR

With all the modern technology of today that it has to offer, you can now fully immerse yourself into the things that you like to watch. Transfer into another dimension with the VR that makes it look realistic. You get to experience all the thrills and excitement while you are engaged in a virtual environment that looks surreal! Now with all the hype for a realistic gaming features, get all the virtual dimensions by equipping yourself with a great quality headphone as well. We have carefully selected what the users and games talk about when it comes to Headphones. Time to get you into the reality by giving you the Top Headphones For VR.

Best Bluetooth Headphones For Gear VR:

  1. BOSE

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First of all, BOSE is definitely an expensive product but you will get for what you would’ve paid for. It is popularly known for its deep and rich sound dynamics that makes it feel like you are listening to a masterfully engineered tune right on your ear. It also has that deep and powerful sound that no other brands can replicate. It is made by the premiere sound engineers and they have mastered their craft respectfully.

Price: $289.98 USD
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  1. Sennheiser Game One

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Now it’s time to immerse yourself into the game world, and be the main character that you have always hoped for. The Sennheiser has been known to deliver you that rich and deep balanced tone. It has a noise-cancelling microphone if you want to command your troops in the middle of a bullet-raging battlefield. It is very comfortable to wear even for a very long gaming session.

Price: $169.95 USD
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  1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

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Audio-Technica is a very popular brand that has been existing for decades. They are such a professional company that they guarantee you that all of their products are always of top-quality craftsmanship. It is equipped with a 45 mm drivers with rare materials with copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils. The only sound you will get is superior quality through every frequency.

Price: $147.40 USD
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  1. NAD Electronics VISO HP50

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The NAD VISO HP50 delivers a wide range of sound dynamics and frequencies. It is like listening through a recording studio with its great-quality engineering. They carefully fine-tuned and tweaked the responses so that everything will be powerful, but not muddy when it comes to low-end sonics. It will make sure that you will belong to the virtual reality dimension and get you into it.

Price: $229 USD
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  1. SteelSeries Arctis 7

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One unique feature I can say about the SteelSeries Arctis7 is that continuous frequency-hopping which prevents delay for any electronic device. It is equipped with their very own clear cast microphone that delivers unmatched sound clarity, and it also eliminate ambient noise while talking through it. You can now enjoy a multi-dimensional sound system along with the VR.

Price: $149.99 USD
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  1. SONY Gold Wireless

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Just because it says that it is for the PlayStation doesn’t mean that it is exclusive for it. You may also use it for the VR for a realistic gaming experience that will definitely bring you to another dimension. Experience gaming like never before with its rich sounds and multi-dimensional audio that will make you have an experience that you will never forget.

Price: $84.84 USD
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  1. VersionTech G2000 Stereo

Best Headphones For VR (Virtual Reality) - 7

Now by looking at it, it is definitely a headphone that is meant for gamers to use. It is the most affordable one in our list, but it will deliver sounds that you could’ve never imagined it would. It is a very durable headphone that is made with top-quality materials. You can enjoy wearing this through the game because it is equipped with very comfortable soft cotton pads. The microphone cancels any background noise for smooth communication to your fellow gamers.

Price: $23.99 USD
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Now what are you waiting for? Time to get you in the zone with the VR along with the headphones. All of them are what professionals use and it will be definitely worth spending for it.

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