Best HTC U Ultra Cases

Best HTC U Ultra Cases

HTC has produced innovative and advanced phone with an intricate design both aesthetically and systematically. The company has been having its difficulties of selling its phones due to its fellow smartphone competitors. The HTC U ULTRA promises to raise its flagship once again, and get ahead of the others. Its operating system runs on a cutting-edge software, the Android 7.0.  You will get a crystal clear visual content through its 5.7-inch quad-HD display. The phone is expected to come out this March, 2017

Now with all the sophisticated technology HTC has infused with the smartphone. You will need a protective case for this investment. For this article, we will showcase guaranteed protective covers to prevent harmful damages to your HTC Ultra. we have selected best HTC U Ultra cases including leather cases, Bumper Cases, Kickstand Cases, wooden cases, wallet cases, flip cases, slim cases, fashion cases, clear cases, waterproof cases, stylish cases. you can see as following,

Best HTC U Ultra Cases:

  1. SPARIN Soft TPU Case

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 1

SPARIN has designed a transparent case for the HTC U Ultra to retain the phone’s original fresh stylistic appearance. Its precise cutouts for the cameras and button, avoids removal of the case for ease of use. The pliable edges provide tighter grip and comfortable grasp. Even with a soft TPU material, it ensures you that your phone is safe from any unpredicted falls and impact from your surroundings.

Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. OrzeroClarium Series Protective Clear Case

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 2

Clear Cases are now becoming a trend in the market to maintain the phone’s original look. Orzero came out with its version that is especially compatible with the up -and-coming U Ultra. The Premium TPU gel material is manufactured to have a comfortable grip without compromising its protective features. The slim case decreases any unwanted bulk while it is inside your pocket. Having that said, if ever you have sharp objects in your pocket, it is also a scratch-resistant design. With its flexible body, the case is easy to snap on and off the phone.

Price: $7.59 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. Tauri Slim Thin Cover

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 3

Tauri’s Slim cover features a crystal-clear design that prevents your phone from straying away from its initial appearance. The dotted interior prevents any bubble formation at the back of your phone. The gel material is created to be shock-absorbent and anti-scratch, while maintaining a non-slip comfortable grip. The precise cutouts prevent you from removing the to utilize the phone’s built-in accessories.

Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. MP-Mall Shockproof Case

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 4

MP-Mall provides a long-term protection from falls, bumps, and unprecedented fall from consequent usage. The precise cutouts provide easy access to ports and buttons without having to remove the case. The case is tapered to be an exact fit to the phone to prevent additional bulk and weight. The ultra-slim design is composed out of tough TPU gel that absorbs any hard impacts.

Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. STARSHOP Hybrid Heavy Duty

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 5

STARSHOP is equipped with a premium-grade hard polycarbonate plastic inner shell reinforced by the silicon skin. Having that said, this case will save your phone longevity from harsh drops and impacts. This is designed to taper-fit the fit the minimize bulk. It is already provided with a tempered screen protector to maintain your phone’s glossy screen.

Price: $5.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. LK Ultra Scratch Resistant Clear Case

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 6

$7.99 on

The ultra-thin pristine clear LK Ultra case provides an attractive yet simplistic approach that holistically shields your phone from harm. It is constructed from smooth and high-grade TPU material that flexible and perfect fits the smart phone. Furthermore, it is a shock-absorbent and scratch-proof designed that preserve the aesthetics. Every ports and buttons are accessible through its precise cutouts. It features an anti-slip design that provides traction even on the smoothest surfaces.

Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. JATEN Minimalistic Hybrid Dual Layer Cover

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 7

From the name, itself, JATEN has designed a simple yet efficient cover for the HTC U ULTRA. With that said, it doesn’t compromise its capability to protect your phone. It is a durable and sleek engineered case that provides a guaranteed protection from internal damaging impacts. It is composed of a hard polycarbonate external layer and a rigid inner silicone sleeve. It is easy to install and take off the cellphone, so you don’t have to wrestle with the case.

Price: $8.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. Starhemei OCEAN Note Case

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 8

The Starhemei OCEAN case brings you a fresh aesthetic appearance, that is composed of non-toxic materials. The transparent TPU is smooth, but anti-slip composition that gives you a worry-free grip of your phone. It is precisely molded to fit your phone to minimize additional weight and bulk. The Super Slim design is flexible, but maintains the phone’s true integrity.

Price: $7.90 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. JATEN RUGGED Dual Layer

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 9

Another JATEN variant design that feature a heavy duty look, and it is equipped with a kickstand holster and a stylus pen. The pen allows you to accurately cursor around application and other programs with easy. With its rugged design, it is meant to have a stable and comfortable grip, and to shock absorb any impacts. The kickstand allows you to watch any videos hands-free.

Price: $8.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. AVIDET Soft Gel TPU Case

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 10

The AVIDETcase provides you a soft TPU gel reinforced a silicone layer to further protect your HTC U Ultra. It is comfortable to hold that it is easy grip, and lightweight to the hands. Every cutout on the case is precise, so that you won’t have to take off the case from the phone. It is also an anti-fingerprint texture to preserve the visual design.

Price: $5.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. ZhouYunda Soft Cover

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 11

The Zhouyunda offers a highly-attractive artistic design that doesn’t compromise its capabilities. It is flexible and lightweight, that enable you to equip it on your phone with ease. It can your phone from the hazardous environment.

Price: $12.00 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. TopACE Slim Shell Cover

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 12

The simple yet attractive design of TopACE ensures you that your phone protected. It is made from high quality materials, and perfectly fits the Ultra U. It is only specifically designed for the said phone that gives you comfortability and grip.

Price: $6.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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  1. Harryshell Flexible Protective Case

Best HTC U Ultra Cases - 13

Harryshell features a modernistic and artistic design that suits your fashionable trend and wear. It is compact and stylish that is specifically designed for HTC Ultra’s dimensions. It prevents your phone from impacts and scratches, and it is lightweight that prevents any additional bulk.

Price: $1.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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That is a wrap for this article. We have provided you highly rated phones from to guarantee the safety of your investment on the hi-tech HTC U Ultra. Share this article with your colleagues and friends to save them time searching for protective cases.

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