Best IOS emulators for windows pc

Year after year, there are wide varieties of technologies you can choose from. A time when to look back the breakthroughs and the setbacks which had gone through the year, and a time to look forward and keep an eye on what are to rise ahead; from mobile phones to smartphones, laptops, and all other gadgets which are on top of our list. But what catches the attention of the people nowadays is that company which always brings virtual world and reality at par. And yeah, we are talking about… Apple. They are known for their best features and endless updates with iOS as their operating system, and new releases.  With their app store, it houses great collections of applications and games which are on the hottest picks. Undoubtly, most of us are fanatical about them, but not all have the iPhones or iPads.

Want to experience the Apple App Store craze on your computer? Worry not, because iOS emulators are here for you! These iOS emulators somehow parallels the applications in iOS devices but can be smoothly enjoyed within your Windows PC just like you’re using an iOS device. Let’s take an exploration on what are on the list.

Best IOS emulators for windows pc:

  1. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne is one of the best iOS emulators. It is preferred by most of the people and has positive feedbacks. MobiOne adopts all iOS games and applications and runs them on your Windows PC. It is also very user friendly and very convenient to use. You can have a 15-day free trial to avail, or $99.95 USD for a lifetime.

  1. iPadian

iPadian is also one of the most popular emulators but just that, you can’t download the iOS applications unlike what the other emulators do. It has its applications but not downloadable from the Apple app store. It emulates iPad interface and give your Windows PC the iOS look.

  1. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator is an application that emulates iPhone interface and also do have applications similar with that of the iPhone. It provides you best graphic qualities and makes you feel that you have an iPhone on-hand.

  1. Smartface

If you’re looking for a transformation, Smartface is the one for you. It offers iOS development in your Windows PC. You can download the applications exclusive for iOS. Smartface is easy to use and has its perspective on developing applications.

  1. Air iPhone

Air iPhone is closely related to iPadian in a lot of ways, except that unlike iPadian, it emulates iPhone interface instead of an iPad interface. But, just like iPadian, Air iPhone also can’t offer a total transformation because not all applications from the iOS can be utilized.


Another great alternative if you’re looking for an iOS emulator and at the same time an Android emulator, is a great choice. It lets you run both applications from two different operating systems. It surely is a 2-in-1 experience with

  1. is an HTML marketing tool. Meaning, it lets you enjoy iOS applications directly within your browser. It also enables you to upload your iOS applications and share the link to allow trial right within the browser.

  1. iPad Simulator

iPad Simulator is also browser-based. You can enjoy iOS applications online and transform your browser to that of an iPad look. Application buttons are arranged similarly with an iPad. Based on the feedbacks on its users, it is better to run the iPad Simulator on Firefox browser than in Chrome.

And lastly…

  1. Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight is one of the iOS emulators to be used. It provides adequate mobile application development. It allows to develop native applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. All the applications will work on your Windows PC. On the other side, frequently encountered feedback by the users is that it is prone to crashing of their devices.

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