Best iPad Pro Docking Stations with Speakers

Best iPad Pro Docking Stations

Apple fans are excitedly waiting for the release of the iPad Pro in the fall. Among features will be the new iOS 11 operating system and a redesigned Retina display.

You will need a way to charge that iPad Pro. It comes with charging cables and everything, but think about how much you’ll likely use it. Consider getting a charging dock.

A charging dock can let you keep your iPad Pro charged and do more including letting you watch videos on it while it is charging. Many docks come with speakers, so you can listen to your favorite tunes or pop it in when you want that stereo sound.

Best iPad Pro Docking Stations:

  1. Philips docking speaker with Bluetooth ( Dual-Docking Alarm Clock )

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The Philips DC390/37 dual-docking alarm clock speaker dock is a powerhouse of convenience. You can connect your iPhone, iPad or iPhone into the dock and enjoy your music with a full, clear sound. Set it so that you can wake up to your favorite songs or an FM radio station.

That rich sound is thanks to a dynamic bass boost system that maximizes your listening pleasure by enhancing the low end, giving you full-range sound no matter what sound level you choose. It also features preset EQ curves for different music styles.

You can charge two devices at once, adding to the convenience. It also has a sweet look with its sleek aluminum casing.

Price: $264.99 USD
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  1. Bose SoundDock Series II with Speaker

Best iPad Pro Docking Stations with Speakers - 2

Bose’s a great name when it comes to stereo sound, and that rings true for the Bose SoundDock Series II speaker dock.

The digital music system features high-quality sound and numerous features including a remote control. Its proprietary acoustic design gives you superb sound, so don’t let them small system deceive you. You can expect to jam when you attach your iPad Pro to this docking station.

It also features a sleek, stylish design and lets you connect other devices including a DVD, CD or MP3 player.

Price: $124.77 USD
Buy it from

  1. iHome iDL46 –  Lightning Dock with Clock Radio and USB Charge

Best iPad Pro Docking Stations with Speakers - 3

The iHome iDL46 is another dual charging stereo FM clock radio with a lightning dock and USB charge and play. Its 3D sound system enhances the already high quality sound so that you can immerse yourself in the music. Adjustable equalizer controls let you customize the bass and treble levels to fit your personal tastes. You’ll love the specially-designed Reson8 speakers too.

There are many options when it comes to alarms including waking to your favorite songs, podcasts and audio books. You can also choose to wake to FM radio or the regular alarm buzzer.

Play your music and charge your pone at the same time. Go to sleep and know that you’ll wake up on time and with a fully charged iPad ready to start the day.

Price: $99.99 USD
Buy it from

  1. iLuv ArtStation Stereo Speaker Dock

Best iPad Pro Docking Stations with Speakers - 4

Fall in love with the iLuv iMM727BLKArtStation stereo speaker dock. It’s a small but powerful system that gives you rich sounds thanks to its Jaura technology.

You can download the iLuv App from the Apple App Store and turn your dock into an Internet radio with more than 40,000 stations, an iPod music player and more. Charge your iPad while listening to your fave songs or watching hit movies. On-board controls make it easy to use.

Adjust the arms so that you can position your iPad screen so that you can see it while it’s charging.

Price: $120.99 USD
Buy it from

  1. JBL On Beat Air speaker dock with AirPlay

Best iPad Pro Docking Stations with Speakers - 5

Rounding out our list is the JBL On Beat Air speaker dock. Wirelessly stream your iTunes library to any room in the house using the AirPlay music streaming system while charging your iPad Pro. Listen to great sounds and position the arms of the dock so that you can watch videos while you charge your iPad.

You can get an optional composite cable and send videos and photos to your TV so more than just one person can enjoy it at a time.

Price: $88.99 USD
Buy it from

That’s our top five list of the best iPad Pro docking stations with speakers. Grab one today and get ready to give your iPad Pro a charge while listening to your favorite music.

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