Best iPad Pro headrest car mounts

Best Headrest Car Mounts for iPad Pro

The iPad Pro isn’t only about giving us a portable workstation. It’s also a reliable way to keep our children occupied on long trips or give us a chance to escape and watch some entertainment.

The catch is how to do it comfortably. Handing it to your children in the backseat isn’t necessarily the best solution considering how much these costs. You may also want to have some comfort while watching in an airport or making a video call to your family or friends.

That’s where an iPad Pro Headrest comes in useful. You can attach your headrest mounts to your car’s headrest. You can also attach it to your luggage in the airport.

Best Headrest Car Mounts for iPad Pro:

1. iCross Back Seat Headrest

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You don’t have to worry about tools with the iCross Back Seat Headrest for tablets like the iPad Pro. This mount will attach securely to your vehicle’s headrest, letting you mount devices for use in the back seat. You can tilt it to various angles. It’s a compact solution that allows you to keep your children occupied or lets you utilize apps and more.

You can adjust it to reduce sun glare or make it easier to be viewed by passengers of different heights. You just have to open the fastener, release the ball joint and adjust, then close the fastener and secure the angle.

It’s not only for the iPad Pro either. You can use it for any tablet between 7 and 10.5 inches.

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2. TFY Universal Car Headrest

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Another compatible headrest is the TFY Universal Car Headrest. You can use it for both tablets and swivel-screen portable DVD players.

Attach it to your headrest easily with an adjustable strap that you wrap around the headrest. The clamps attach the device securely to the mount. You can also adjust this headrest easily to set it at a comfortable angle. It’s portable enough to travel with easily. You can mount a device with or without a protective case attached.

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3. Vena HEADTAB Headrest Mount

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Even more portable is the Vena HEADTAB Headset Mount. You can adjust it to fit devices ranging from a 4 to 11-inch screen. Multi-angle rotation and lateral tilt lets you adjust it to view your device at different angles or switch between horizontal and vertical.

An easy-slide mechanism makes it easy to attach and release your device while an extendable spring holder will keep it in place. The holder features rubber grips that will safeguard your device from scratches and other damage. It’s also easy to release the mount from the headrest.

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4. Gear Beast iPad Pro Mount

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Want something sturdy to hold up to the wear and tear of being in your back seat with your children? Try the Gear Beast iPad Pro Mount. This mount is made from ABS plastic and features rubber interior padding to protect your device from scratches. It will keep it from slipping too.

Use the mounting clasps to attach it to your headrest posts. Like the others on the list, you can attach it without tools. A ball-in socket head lets you rotate it 360 degrees and tilt it to find the perfect angle. Want to keep the protective case on the tablet for extra durability? No problem.

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5. KenuAirvueiPad Pro Car Mount

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The KenuAirvueiPad Pro Car Mount features a simple yet secure design. It features a curved pattern that you can easily connect to your car headrest without knobs or screws. Position your device to either be horizontal or vertical.

The curve mount is made to be durable with no moving parts. Flex it to position it between your headrest bars. Spring-loaded expandable jaws hold your device steady.

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6. Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent Mount

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We complete our list with something different, the Okra Universal Tablet Air Vent Mount. You can use this mount in the front seat by attaching it to your car vents without damaging the vents.

Its grip holder with side gripping functionality and quick release will hold your iPad Pro or other device between 7 and 11 inches steady. It features a 360-degree rotating swivel that lets you adjust between landscape and horizontal viewing.

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While not technically a headrest mount, it will add some convenience to your ride.

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