Best LG V20 Screen Protectors

The LG V20 will soon be out and people are excited to see what features it will have. Among expected features are a 20 megapixel camera and a Gorilla Glass touchscreen.

If you’re among people waiting to get one, you will want a screen protector that both protects your screen and lets you use your touchscreen easily. Consider that as companies prepare to release their screen protectors for the LG V20.

Best LG V20 Screen Protectors:

1. ATUS Shatterproof Screen Protector

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-1ATUS is prepared to keep your phone’s screen safe with its shatterproof tempered glass screen protector. This industrial-grade protector has a material hardness of 9H, stronger than a knife. That will keep your phone free from impacts and scratches. Made ultra-thin at 0.3 mm, it keeps the V20’s screen visible even in daylight with its anti-reflective and glare reducing surface. The screen protector has an oleophobic coating to protect your screen against water, dust and oil and make it easy to clean. The ATUS shatterproof screen protector is easy to clean.

Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this
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2. TechFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-2Techfilm gives consumers another powerhouse in protection with its premium ballistic glass screen protector. This screen protector also has a hardness rating of 9H, which protects your screen from impacts and scratches both. Its clear coating repels oil and sweat from fingerprints as well as dust. It is made to perfectly fit the V20 screen and features a bubble-free adhesive to help you install it securely.

Price: $29.99 [$3.49 on Amazon while we are writing this]
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3. ArmorSuitMilitaryShield Matte Screen Protector

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-3Consider a military-strength screen protector for your LG V20 with ArmorSuit’sMilitaryShield screen protector. ArmorSuit makes its protector from optically clear, military-grade material that won’t yellow. Its self-healing technology keeps the screen protector safe from scratches. It excels at keeping the screen safe from oil and fingerprint smudges and dust. ArmorSuit’s screen protector is also a good choice if you plan to look at your smartphone a lot in bright sunlight because its matte anti-glare surface improves its visibility.

Price: $19.95 [$7.85 on Amazon while we are writing this]
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4. Ringke Invisible Defender Tempered Glass

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-4Ringke’s dedicated to keep your V20 screen protected with its tempered glass screen protector. Another screen protector with a hardness rating of 9H, this 0.33-mm screen protector helps keep your screen safe from impacts, drops and scratches. It maintains the touch sensitivity of the V20 screen and its high-definition resolution. Its 2.5D rounded edges mean you can run your fingers over it super fast and smoothly.

 Currently unavailable.

5. Dmax Armor Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-5Dmax makes its screen protector from premium quality tempered glass with a 9H hardness. It protects from drops and scratches while maintaining a 99.99 percent high definition clarity and the screen’s touch control. Dmax Armor keeps fingerprints away too.

Price: $29.99 [$7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this]
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6. Disagu Mirror Screen Protector

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-6Disagu’s mirror screen protector will keep the V20 screen safe from nicks and scratches. When your display is off, the screen becomes reflective like a mirror. It turns transparent when the screen is turned on. The Disagu V20 screen protector covers your smartphone’s entire display but includes holes to maintain access to microphones, cameras and speakers.

Price: $11.80 on Amazon while we are writing this
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7. Mikvon Armor Screen Protector

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-7Mikvon’s Armor screen protector will keep your phone safe from scratches and bumps. Remove dirt and fingerprints easily from the protective film. The damage protection foil features a transparent surface that lets you see the screen’s color and clarity clearly. The package comes four to a pack.

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8. Supershieldz High Definition Clear Shield

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-8SuperShieldz will shield your LG V20 from scratches with its scratch-resistant, clear shield screen protector. The screen protector is made from a durable polyethylene terephthalate plastic film that is transparent and maintains your screen’s resolution. Your touch screen will remain highly functional while using the Supershieldz screen protector. The screen protector clings to the screen without adhesives thanks to a silicone gel that creates a vacuum effect.

Price: $29.99 [$7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this]
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9. Mr. Shield Anti-Spy Screen Protector

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-9Mr. Shield’s anti-spy screen protector will keep spying eyes from seeing what’s on your phone’s screen. The privacy screen protector features a 4H hardness rating that will protect your phone from scratches and scuff marks. The screen protectors come two to a pack.

Price: $21.00 [$7.95 on Amazon while we are writing this]
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10. Ringke Invisible Defender Clear Film Screen Protector

best-lg-v20-screen-protectors-the-crazy-thinkers-10Ringke also sellsa four-pack Invisible Defender screen protector. This slim screen protector is made from a PET film that will protect your screen from scratches. The screen protector will not change color and maintains your screen’s HD resolution. It comes with a bubble free adhesive to make it easy to install and a special coating that makes it easy to clean.

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