Best Marketplaces To Buy And Sell Domain Names

Best free reliable Marketplace to buy and sell websites online

You want to launch a website for your business or your hobby. You’ve got the coolest name that you want to use. It’s the best name ever!

And it’s taken. Yes, someone else not only had the same idea but decided to get the domain. Of course you want a good domain name that’s easily recognized and is unique. You are faced with selecting the second best choice. Or the third?

How bad do you want that name? Bad enough to pay more for it? Maybe you just heard about how people buy and resell domain names and you want to get into the action. Welcome to the marketplace for buying and selling domain names.

Have you heard of flipping a house? This is domain flipping. You register a high quality and branded domain or a premium domain and sell it for a higher price. If you are looking, you may find a way to buy the domain you want.

Best free reliable Marketplace to buy and sell websites online:


Sedo is known as one of the world’s leading places to buy and sell domain names. Sedo, or Search Engine for Domain Offers, has surpassed 700,000 domain sales since it was set up.

It has more than 18 million disclosed domains and 2 million clients. Looking for a secondhand domain? This is where to go.

2., promoted as “where entrepreneurs come to buy and sell domains,” is another popular site to sell domains as well as websites and apps. It’s part of SitePoint web start-ups that include, and 99designs. It’s pretty easy to buy on Flippa, and it’s considered safe. About 5,000 new sales are posted every day on Flippa. It features more than 800,000 registered users and has had about 30,000 domain sales.

3. Snapnames

Snapnames features more than 30 million domain names for sale. It’s easy to offer, buy, create an offer and explore what domains are accessible. You can also place a back order on upcoming issues. There are aftermarket domains and domains for auction. You may also find uncommon domain names. There are even daily deals that start at only $19 USD.


Search the inventory, submit domains and go to live auctions on Listings are auctioned off based on the choice of customers. It’s a communal spot but profit is definitely the name of the game. That said, you may luck out. If you like to place bids and take a chance, try

5. is a community of buyers and sellers that has reached past 1 million. You can discuss names with an expert team and get all the news about the latest domains. Seek out information on buying and selling domains and surf through sub-categories.

6. Namecheap Domain Auction

Find domains at a budget price at NameCheap Domain Auction. It manages more than 5 million domains and doubles as a principal ICANN-recognized domain name administrator and web host. There is a marketplace where you can buy and sell domain names. The domains are grouped into types including business, education and entertainment.


New to buying and selling domains? Try It’s free to use and gives you many tools and domain resources. You can follow domain name listings by country of bursar, administrator and detailed TLD. There are categories here too like advertising, auto, business, education and entertainment. See what’s on sale including featured and premium domains. Give it a try.

8. GoDaddy Auctions

You’ve likely heard of the domain name industry giant GoDaddy. It’s just the world’s most established domain name registrar featuring 14 million clients. It also supervises more than 63 million domain names. That’s plenty of business.

You know what’s even more cool? GoDaddy Auctions, its auction page. You can go here to buy and sell distinctive domain names. Check it out as it’s one of the best domain auction sites you’ll find.


Here is where you go to learna bout domain registration, reselling and transfers. Just check out the forum at It features more than 1,040 registered sites and 1,700 listed domains. There are plenty of domains available to buy, and you can sell your domain if you want.

10. also features a forum with plenty of discussions including industry announcements and information on dedicated servers and web hosting. It’s simply the largest web hosting community on the internet, so if you have a question this is where you come. It also features an advertising area where you can sell your domain names.

11. advertises itself as “helping millions of entrepreneurs like you buy and sell websites.” It’s free to list sites and the marketplace claims it has the lowest commission in the industry. What it also has is a clean looking interface. Go make an offer or sell your domain name or website.


New to buying and selling domain names? Give a try. Talk domains with topics including domain sales, domain appraisals and domain registrars. There is plenty to learn from about 105,000 people who engage on the site. It’s the place you want to go to prepare for selling and buying domain names.

That’s our top 12 marketplaces in which to buy and sell domains. Good luck as you give it a try.

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