Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Charging Docks

Best Charging Docks for Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the biggest and highly-anticipated that will come out this year. It has an advanced feature that unlocks with facial recognition. There have been many pictures and features leaked online, but we are still short of information about he said phone. Originally it was supposed to be equipped with iris recognition, but they said they lack the tools for an accurate and faster advice. Until then, every Samsung Galaxy fans can’t wait for the release of the phone that would revolutionize smartphones once again. The release price in the UK would be 699 Euros.

Now with all the hype that has been going on about the phone, you will need a high-quality charging dock as well. Something that will match the design and the advancement of the phone. Having that said, we will showcase Top 13 Charging Docks for wireless charging.

Best Charging Docks for Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus & S9 / S9 Plus:

  1. Bestand Aluminum Charging Dock

Bestand Aluminum Charging Dock

Best and features a 3-coil wireless charging system. It is a sturdy and stable charging station that is crafted with aluminum material which makes this phone able to stand the test of time. It has a broader charging coverage, and you may charge your phone in horizontal or vertical position.

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  1. ROOROO Charging Station Pad

ROOROO Charging Station Pad

ROOROO Wireless charger features a QI 2.0 fast wireless charging system which allows faster charging than other charging docks or pads. It is only exclusive to any Galaxy devices. Users may charge their phone vertically or horizontally depending if they want to do an activity with their phone while charging. It also features the light indicator to show how many percentage the phone battery has from charging. It doesn’t include the 2.0 adapter as its power source.

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  1. FanTEK Dock Station

The FanTEK Charging dock is highly-compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, and other similar USB ports as well. It makes all your charging needs easier without the need of a cable for a cleaner space. It quickly charges your phone, and you may sync you phone to it as well. It is suitable for those people who work in the office. You may view other materials on this phone while it is docked and charged.

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  1. WELLCI Desktop Dock Charger

FanTEK Dock Station

WELLCI features a 2-in-1 function that allows you to charge your phone while being synched to your computer. What it means is that, you may also view the battery status on your computer. Having that said, it is essential for people who work long hours in the office, and for those people whose work are based at home. Having this kind of charger will make your space is neat and organized.

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The CHOETECH CHOE-T510 is a portable charging dock that can be used anywhere you may. You may charge your phone in various positions, and you also have different choices of installation. It provides wireless charging for QI-equipped phones. It is a very attractive and stylistic charging dock that would best be seen with your Samsung galaxy S8.

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  1. Monoy charging Dock

Monoy charging Dock

The MONOY charging dock can be synchronized to your computer, so that it enables you to see the charging status of your phone while using the pc. It also synchronizes to your phone for faster charging capabilities. It has an elevated design so that won’t have a hard time docking your phone on to it. It charges phone faster than any other similar charger ever created. It is highly portable so you may bring around, and even use it in your car while traveling.

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  1. Rivero Stand Station

Rivero Stand Station

The RIVERO Charging dock has a minimalistic and simplistic design that allow you to have a wireless charging convenience. It allows you to synch and charge your phone simultaneously. Synching your phone allows you to have accurate response to the charging dock. It also includes a tri-pin charging plus. The desktop station is portable and easy to bring anywhere you like.

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  1. iTALKOnline Desktop Dock Charger

The iTALKOnline dock Charger features an elegant and sleek design that would be best partnered with you Samsung Galaxy S8. It comes in a smooth and refined finish that is elegant to look at. Not only that it is a very stylistic phone, but it is also highly functional and convenient as well. You may also charge and synch your phone along with your laptop or computer simultaneously.

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  1. ONX3 Charging Dock Station

ONX3 Charging Dock Station

ONX3 Charging DOCK is strictly for C Type USB ports, which is what the Galaxy S8 has. It features a one-step process that allows you to simultaneously synch and charge your phone in an instant. It is a good investment to have a charging dock to keep you space neat and tidy, and to have a wireless and hassle-free charging method. It ensures that your phone will have a strong and stable connection for continuous and smooth charging.

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  1. MuiFa Charging Dock

MuiFa Charging Dock


The MuiFa charging Dock is the ultimate charging station ever known to mankind. It is highly compatible to any device from IPhone to Android equipped devices, and even other phones that have different operating systems. This dock will save all your Obsessive-Compulsive problems by simply organizing the wires and the phone into one place. It is universal charging dock so you don’t have to worry about which device you have to charge.

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  1. CellGiant Charging Station

CellGiant Charging Station

Cell Giant is a massive mega charging station designed for any types of phones. It includes several cables for lightning, C type, and other USB ports. It features a lightning quick charging power of 6.8Amp maximum output. You may charge any phone simultaneously. You will definitely need this if you want a nice and organized charging space for you devices.

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  1. PriTek Smart Universal Charging Dock

PriTek Smart Universal Charging Dock

PriTek Charging dock is able to charge 4 different devices simultaneously without worrying about overloading the device. It boasts a 34W power outage that can quickly charge all four docked devices. It is designed with a surge protection to avoid any technical difficulties while using the station.

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We have just showed you the best that what people have used s a charging station. We guarantee you that you work space will be much tidier, and charging you phone has never been faster. Share this article to you friends if you found this a big help to you.

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