Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Cases

Best Bumper Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8

Now that S8 has made its groundbreaking release, it got the fans excited to buy the product as soon as they can. It is now featured with an edge screen that can make you view the videos with an infinite-like view. With a screen a like that, you need to protect it at all cost. Phones today maybe advanced, but in reality, they are actually fragile if you drop them once at most. That is why bumper cases were created to minimize the impact for unexpected drops or falls. There are now several companies that have designed them, and that is why in this article, we are going to present to you the Top Bumper Cases for Samsung Galaxy S8.

Best Bumper Cases for Galaxy S8:

  1. Acrass Ultra-Slim Bumper Case

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Cases - 1

As the first contender on our list, The Acrass bumper cases has set the standards really high when it comes to protection. As you can see it has a durable, but soft TPU material casing. What it does is, it adds flexibility to the case at the same time it also supports the case from further breaking. The corner is made from Poly-Carbonate. It is a hard material which is ideal for cases so that it could resist the harshest impacts in any case that you get careless and accidentally drop the phone.

Price: $10.99 USD
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  1. SPIGEN Neo Hybrid

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I don’t mean to be biased on my choice, but in all honesty, SPIGEN is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to cellphone cases. They actually have several kinds of bumper cases that has a unique construction for each variety. The reason why this case is called a “Neo Hybrid” is that, it is combined with different materials. The military-grade TPU allows to have a very durable frame, and the PC bumper to minimize impact. If you notice it also has textured patterns which actually contributes to the grip.

Price: $16.99 USD
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  1. I-Blason

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Cases - 3

As stylistic as it looks, it is also a very effective protective case for its style. I mean just look at that, it almost has that crystal-clear visual. That is a good thing because it retains the natural aesthetics of the phone, but does not compromise its protective integrity. The material is a scratch-compound and it has a substance that prevents discoloration from a long term of use.

Price: $13.99 USD
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  1. i-Blason – Heavy Duty Protection

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Cases - 4

They are not kidding when they classify this as a heavy-duty case. Just look at the case, it reminds of an Iron man suit. It also looks like that if it gets ran over by a truck, the wheels of the truck will get busted. It is impressively a slim-profile case that is scratch-resistant, and it is a perfect-fit for the phone. This case is a must have if you are planning to go to a war with it.

Price: $17.99 USD
Buy it from

  1. CoverON

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Cases - 5

If you are the type of person who likes cool and modern designs, we have selected one just for you. Even with the cool look, it doesn’t let you down as it has similar protective qualities against the other competing brands. It also has the same scratch-resistant properties, and an identical hard back cover just like the rest. Well, at least the design isn’t too overwhelming.

Price: $8.99 USD
Buy it from


Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Cases - 6

Don’t worry, there are no actual beetles harmed in making this case. The unicorn beetle is one of the toughest species of beetles, and this particular case is just trying to resemble that integrity. It is made with polycarbonate materials for a shatter-proof quality. It also has raised edges to minimize surface contact to the screen.

Price: $12.99 USD
Buy it from

  1. Scottii

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bumper Cases - 7

Now, this is sort of a unique case because of its construction. Nope, it is not made with crystals, but it has a dual-layer technology and impact cushions that are precisely positioned to ensure maximum protection. Although with a slippery-looking case, it has non-slip substances so that you don’t drop your phone even with sweaty hands.

Price: $14.99 USD
Buy it from


We have given you the Top bumper cases for your highly-advanced phone. It is in your best interest to invest on a case for your phone, and these cases will last you a long while. Go ahead and share this article to everyone.

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