Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Car Mount

Best Car Mounts for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 plus & S8 / S8 plus

The highly-anticipated release of the Samsung galaxy s8 is just right around the corner. It will be featuring a lot of advanced upgrades and a new and faster operating system. I am sure that a lot of people are excited about its release. Now if you are the type on the go and you are busy man who is always on the phone, you can’t focus your eyes on the road, and your hands on the steering wheel. Do you know that there have been numerous accidents related to using gadgets while driving whether if they are texting or navigating their way through? You will need a car mount accessory to reduce that very risk. This is why we have carefully reviewed and selected the said accessory.

Best Car Mounts for Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 plus & S8 / S8 plus:

  1. Digitlmobile – Premium Windshield Car Moun with Anti-Vibration Swivel Holder

Digitlmobile Windshield Car Mount

The DigitlMobile car mount can benefit you to use any navigating software while still keeping your hands on the wheel. It is an easy application by pushing the lever on the windshield, and it will securely mount in place. The arm can extend up to 4 inches to optimize the view. The anti-vibe spring ensures that the mount will be secured in place. If you have two cars that you use, it is easy to install and remove to transfer from one vehicle to another.

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  1. Digitle Dashboard – Premium Universal Windshield Mount / Car Dash Mount

Digitle Dashboard Car Mount

Digitle Car mount is a universal-type that allows any mobile device to fit in. It is equipped with an advance removable mount which enable a rigid mounting base. It is also a case friendly that doesn’t require you to remove the case if you want to place your phone on the holder. It also allows 360 rotation for easy positioning.

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  1. DigitlMobile – Premium Car Mount with Seat Bolt Holder & Anti-Vibration

DigitlMobile Car Mount Bolt Holder

The very sturdy yet flexible DigitlMobile offers you a worry-free mount that will surely hold your phone into place. The neck is an 18-inch-long flexible material that is easy to manipulate around. The swivel head can be 360 rotated for portrait or landscape viewing. It is also a case and screen protector friendly case that is compatible with any phone.

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  1. Trianium – Universal Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder with Aluminum Frame

Trianium Air Vent Maagnetic Car Mount

Trianium Magnetic Car mount allows you a quick installation that doesn’t require springs and other tools. All you need is to clip in your air vent, and let the 6-powerful magnet do the job. Even though it is small, it can withstand holding a phone for a long time. It is built with quality aluminum and anti-slip material that truly secures the phone in place. It is easy to apply in any car vent, whether if the vent is horizontal or vertical. It is a portable accessory that you can carry around in your pocket.

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  1. Maxboost – Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

Maxboost Magnetic Car Mount

MaxBoost showcases a simple magnetic car mount design that can fit into any car air-vent easily. It has 4 magnets that ensure that your phone will be locked into place without having to worry about slippage. You no longer need clamps or additional tools to keep your phone in place.

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  1. Jarv Flexible – High Quality Air Vent Cushioned Car Mount Holder

Jarv Flexible Air Vent Mount

The Jarv air vent is a multi-rotational mount that allows you to vies your phone portrait or landscape position. You can easily remove you phone, and it is compatible with any phone. The clip is equipped with cushion padding so you don’t have to worry about scratching or denting your car air-vent. It is also easy to transfer from one car to another with its easy application design.

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  1. Sojitek – Air Vent Car Mount Holder Cradle / Charger

Sojitek Wireless Qi Air Vent Mount

Sojitek’s car mount features an advanced wireless charging mode for Qi enabled devices for functionality. The lock secures in place with help of the Two hands lock and release which also allows easy installation and removal. Once you clip it on the vent, it will automatically lock and place without scratching or damaging your vent. You may also rotate the mount from a vertical to a horizontal position.

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  1. DigitlMobile

DigitlMobile Anti-Vibration Multi Mount

DigitlMobile is one of the sturdiest car mount there is. This design features an anti-vibration mechanism which is ideal if you are traveling down a very rocky road. It allows the mount to stay in place, and prevents it from rattling your phone for a fixed view. The spring loaded sticking mechanism allows for an easy installation and quick removal.

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  1. Cellet

Cellet Dashboard and Windshield Mount

Cellet clamp has designed a car mount with a clamp system that grips your phone in place, and allows it to be removed quickly. The adhesive suction cup with a release-lock mechanism can attach to the platform, dashboard, or windshield tightly and securely. It is also transferable from one car to another.

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  1. iOttie – Car Mount Universal Phone Holder

iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount

The iOttie features an advanced design that features an easy one touch mounting system that locks the phone securely in place. It is upgraded and fortified with springs that stays in place. The Gel pad is a strong-adhesive that allows easy removal and installation to any surface.

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