Best Video Compressing Software Tools

Best Free Video Compression Software to Reduce File Size

It’s difficult to upload large video files to post on social media or email to your friends. Video files are often just too large to download and upload. The longer it takes to upload a video, the more chance you have of getting an error. That’s when you need video compression software.

Compressing videos takes up less disk space and puts less load on your server. It just makes sense to compress videos before sending them via email. Here are our top suggestions when it comes to video compressing software.

Best Free Video Compression Software to Reduce File Size:

1. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is all-in-one software that lets you download videos, make slideshows, edit videos and more. You can compress or convert HD videos with large sizes, converting them to MP3, MOV, WMV or FLV files that you can upload to YouTube and other social media. It comes with more than 370 video audio codecs and supports virtually all video file formats you task it to handle. It’s easy to use and lets you compress videos quickly.

2. Blaze Media Pro
Blaze Media Pro is another all-in-one tool that converts videos among other tasks. You can use it to handle numerous media file formats including MP3 WAV, MPEG, AVI and WMA. You can also use it to create and burn audio CDs. Compressing videos just takes a few clicks of the mouse and adjustments to compression settings to complete.

3. Total Video Converter
The Total Video Converter is just that, a total package. It converts any video and audio to numerous file types and also burns video to DVD, Blu-Ray, AVCHD and more. You can convert many kinds of videos to mobile video or audio, combine several video and audio files to one video file, and rip DVDs as well.

4. Sorenson Squeeze Video Encoder
The Sorenson Squeeze Video Encoder squeezes much out of the software including compression formats like Flash to QuickTime to WMV. You can set the bps and screen size and figure out how to compress the video while still maintaining the best quality. It’s a popular software choice for pros.

5. STOIK Video Converter
The STOIK Video Converter lets you convert videos to other formats with little more than a click. It features more than 275 presets and knows the specifications of your video player. You can convert videos between many different formats. Get the pro and add more than 25 video special effects. You can set your video’s bit rate, resolution, screen size and quality then compress with a single click.

6. iSkySoft Video Converter
The professional quality iSkySoft Video Converter lets you convert any popular video and audio format. That includes HD video and online video formats. It’s designed for Macs but also has a Windows version. The software promotes itself as offering 90 times faster conversion with zero quality loss, like a two-hour HD movie conversion in five minutes.

7. VIDEOzilla Video Converter
The VIDEOzilla Video Encoder will support nearly all of the video formats. It includes options like setting the start and end points of your video conversion as well as the video and audio quality and video width and height. There are also numerous codecs options available. The software’s another video converter that works with merely more than a click of your mouse.

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