Best Video Downloader App for Android phones

Best Video Downloader Apps for Android Phones

We love the convenience of watching videos on our Android devices. It’s cool to just plop down on your seat, put in headphones perhaps and start watching videos. There are so many videos to find on YouTube and through other venues.

The catch is it’s not always convenient after all. We find videos when we may not have time to sit down and watch them. Or we take that seat somewhere without a good WiFi connection and don’t want to use up our mobile data watching videos.

Luckily we can download videos and watch them when we get time. We don’t have to go online every time we want to watch videos. Companies have introduced apps that we can use to download videos. Here are our suggestions when it comes to the best video downloaders for Android phones and tablets.

Just one note first. As many of these apps state, there aren’t many video downloaders that let you download YouTube videos because of YouTube’s terms and conditions.

Best Video Downloader Apps for Android Phones:

#1. FVD (Free Video Downloader)
The FVD app lets you download unlimited videos, movies and music from websites. It includes an integrated web browser that lets you browse the web easily. The app features a friendly user interface.

You can download more than one file at a time and this app supports many languages. You can also check the download speed while the video is downloading. You cannot, however, download YouTube videos.

#2. Tube Video Downloader
Tube Video Downloader lets you download and store videos from many formats including FLV, MP3, MKV, MOV and WMV. This covers many of the videos you will find.

You can use the app to detect links and videos embedded in a page. It gives you different options of how to download videos automatically. You can pause and resume downloads and download more than one at a time as well as download large videos. Again, because of YouTube rules, you can’t download YouTube videos.

#3. AVD (Android Video Downloader) Download Video
The AVD Download Video app is used to download millions of videos around the world. You just have to surf the Web and find what videos you want to download, click on the video link, and select AVD as the downloader once the menu appears on your device screen. It works within a few seconds and features flash video support. That gives it an edge over FVD.

#4. HD Video Downloader
Another contender for the best video downloader is the HD Video Downloader app. The app is user friendly. It works with a wide range of alternative sites and lets you download more than one video at a time. Self-playing videos can’t be downloaded, and neither can YouTube videos or videos from copyrighted sites.

#5. Tube Video Mate Downloader
The Tube Video Mate Downloader lets you save videos in different formats including FLV, MP3, MP4, WMV and MKV. It has fast downloading speeds and is easy to use with a simple interface. You can pause, cancel and restart any download.

#6. MultiClip Video Downloader
The MultiClip Video Downloader app helps you download images, PDFs, videos and other files from millions of websites. You can watch videos offline. You can import your favorite videos and add them to playlists. You can also choose which videos to watch using its in-app browser.

Hopefully these video downloaders bring you much pleasure as you watch videos on your Android devices. Happy surfing and watching as you pass the time watching videos offline with ease.

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