Best Websites To Download Free EBooks

Best Websites To Download Free EBooks 2017

If you want to save time traveling to the bookstore, and spend no money at, then there are always eBooks available online. With our vast and advance technology, we are able to save trees from being wiped out of our mother earth. It may not be traditionally the same as reading a real hard-jacketed or paper-felt material, but all the written contents are still identical. Having that said, it is for our own convenience the viewing online books you may save them, and read them at your own will. There are numerous websites online that caters to book aficionados alike.

Best Websites To Download Free EBooks 2017

1. AvaxHome

AvaxHome is a clean website that features a simple interface and design. It allows you to get around the website with as there is a sidebar menu for the specific categories that you wish to view. You may also register, and have an account, or you can just simply click the material you desire and it will direct you to a third-party source.

2. EBookLobby

EbookLobby is a well-organized website that makes it easy for readers. Each genre is categorized, and it even includes a “Top 10 Ebooks” list to give you better reading materials. There are various types of viewing content such as Arts, Photography, Culinary, Business, and many more!

3. The Online Books Page

If you are searching for a reliable online library source, the TheOnlineBooksPage is probably what you have been looking for. There are multiple archives and links featured on this website are reliable. It only has a simple website content, so there is a less probability you will encounter a difficulty visiting and using the page.

4. FeedBooks

FeedBooks have tons of choices of reading materials. It even features classic masterpieces from authors such as Conan Doyle, Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, and a whole lot more. It also contains editorials, best-selling books, new releases, and interviews. You may also type the book you are looking for on the search bar on the top right corner of the page.

5. BookYards

One of the unique and properly advertised eBook website available today. BookYard even allows you to upload a publish your own written content, and you may also help them share links of other eBooks that are not in their website. You may also view them on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

6. Leanpub

LeanPub is a modernly designed website that caters to a younger generation of readers. Moreover, there are items that comes in a bundle, and you may either buy the book or download them for free. It features more modern books, and instructional content material. Other aspiring authors may create a book for the website as well. The books are available in various formats which are compatible for various platforms.

7. OnlineProgrammingBooks

This website is heavily focused on books about software and other technology related books, hence the name, OnlineProgrammingBooks. It contains varieties of books for several operating systems and databases that a techy person would be pleased to stroll around the site for hours. You can sign-up for any updates about new-released books.

8. OpenCulture

OpenCulture is a highly popular eBook download website with 725.8k shares and counting. It contains essential books that can be used for educational purposes. In addition, it learning materials for certificate course to prepare the user for an upcoming exam. It is a great website that has various categories to choose from.

9. TradePub

Trade Pub contains books that are heavily focused on industrial topics and other self-processing guide material. It is a platform friendly website, and you can download it on several operating systems. You may register, and create your personalized library then add books that you want to read in the future.

10. OpenLibrary

From the website title, itself, OpenLibrary is like a google for books. It is an open source for eBooks that will give you links to the material. Be careful as other links could not be reliable. You may also add information or suggest a book if it is not available yet. It also gains information from the internet, and suggests other books that are similar to the one you would look for.

11. FreeTechBooks

If you need to resort to a website that caters science and programming topics, FreeTechBooks would be happy to help you with that. There are other categories such as operating systems, mathematics and computer science. So, if you major in the said fields, then you know where to find your references.

12. BookPics

BookPics has wide variety of reading materials such as eBooks and Magazines. You may opt to sign-up for a premium version if you desire your downloads to be fast, if not, the standard version of the website would do the job. Get updated with the trends and read the archives from it.

13. Baen

Although with limited downloadable book selections, Baen would still cater many different genres for your reading pleasure. It is an easy website to navigate around, as there are tools that would aid you to switch from eBook category to another. All the reading materials are available in various programs and platforms.

14.  GetFreeBooks

A website that a reader enthusiast would love. GetFreeBooks is a reliable website that offers tons of different books that could spoil you for the rest of your reading life. You can be a guest writer for them as well, and publish your own stories. Moreover, you may suggest eBooks links that they may not know of. It has a wide array of categories such as Family Friendly, Events, Cultural and Fantasy.

15. BookBoon

Another website that is helpful to students and alike. Bookboon contains books that are helpful for educational courses and for self-study purposes. Although, as stated on the website that there are certain books which are available for premium member only. With that said, it would still a big help to all who wishes to fill their knowledge.

16. LibriVox

LibriVox is a free public domain website that features a very unique format because you can listen to audiobooks, or read a book for another visitor. You can listen to it on any gadget that you possess. You may also use them for educational purposes.

17. Project Gutenberg

A website that offers 53,000 high quality eBooks. Project Glutenberg is definitely a page to be, especially if you’re a book lover and want to lay back and have a cup of tea or coffee while reading. It offers various genres to any group of people that belongs to any age cluster.

18. Library Genesis

LibGen is a Russian based reference of eBooks. It will suggest link that could help you with your needs. It mostly offers science related offers, and other related archives that can be found in the main page of the website. There also files in PDF formats for diverse platforms.

19. Free eBooks

If you’re not updated with new trending books and authors, then check out Free eBooks. A fresh and modern designed website that featured a huge variety of genres and categories. It also has other affiliated website that help brings up this website. It has Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Textbooks, Audiobooks and Children’s book.

20.Ebook Bike

eBook Bike Is a standard and reliable website that attracts readers. It has a large collection of novels that would be an attraction for literature majors. It has a forums page where you can discuss with the community about your favorite books and authors.

21. Issuu

One of the most attractive and appealing website that anyone would come across. Issuu contains a huge number of fashion magazines that are available for free. You may also sign-up to get updates from their newsletters, and become a publisher for them as well. It is for those who want to learn more about their recreational activities or hobbies.

22. Google Ebookstore

If you’re an android operating system user, then this website would be best applicable for you. Google Ebookstore, offers you wide variety of eBooks for free. However, some of the books come at a price, and most of the time it is the newer ones. Nonetheless, it is still a highly reliable and convenient site for everybody.

23. SnipFiles

Snipfiles offers books that features legal eBooks and other viewing materials on their website. Other than books, you may obtain other visuals such as wallpapers and screensavers. It is a simple layout design that would at ease of use for all visitors.

24. AmazonFreeKindBooks

If you have kindle, then this is the website for you. AmazonFreeKindleBooks has a wide variety of novel eBooks for free. Simply just log in to your account (or sign-up if you don’t have one), and select your favorite book by author, genre or book title. You may read the feedback given by the readers if it is any good for a book to read.


We have just help you save your time by giving you the popular choice by demand from readers. There may be some site that we may not know of. It is at your own risk that some of the links may not be reliable or may contain viruses or annoying pop-up advertisements. Until then, have fun reading for free!

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