Best YouTube Alternative Apps Android Phones

Best YouTube Alternative Apps for Android Phones

YouTube is the king when it comes to video sharing websites. There isn’t any denying this. It’s one of the top websites in the world as well as one of Android users’ favorite apps.

That isn’t to say it’s perfect. Not that any app is. However, Android’s YouTube app lacks features like caching videos and background play. It sometimes buffers videos as well. People want something else, and the internet delivers.

That’s what. There are alternatives to the king, each having features that users want and don’t find in YouTube.

Best YouTube Alternative Apps for Android Phones:

#1. NewPipe

You can use NewPipe on any device, not only ones with Google Services installed. It lets you download videos or listen to them play in the background. You can also play videos in your preferred resolution and choose where you want to save your downloaded video and audio files. Advertisements are circumvented as well.

The catch? You can’t log into your YouTube account and look at your subscriptions using this app. You have to manually search for videos or be directed to the app by another app. You also don’t have the choice of watching videos in 1080p resolution or higher, so that resolution choice thing only means resolutions less than that.

#2. OGYouTube

At first you may think you’re seeing double. OGYouTube looks similar to YouTube. It gives you features, however, that it’s twin does not. That includes a hovering window that lets you watch the video on any screen, letting you watch a video while browsing the web or using social media. You can download YouTube videos as well. If you’d like, you can just download the audio directly from the app.

#3. TurboTube

Anything named Turbo must be great, right? Well welcome to TurboTube. This app has minimum pauses for buffering videos during playback and no start-up lag. You click a green button next to the video and it automatically buffers it. There is also a social feed that lets you display videos from your Facebook or Twitter timelines on the app. You can access your YouTube subscriptions and so on. What you can’t do? Block ads.

#4. TubeMate

TubeMate is a bit different in which it loads the mobile version of YouTube’s website. You can stream the video in a wide range of resolutions and download videos. The app also supports websites other than YouTube. Search for a video in the search bar of the app and press the green arrow you see on the bottom of the screen. Then see the video quality you want when you download the video. Downloaded videos will be stored on your SD card by default but can be moved elsewhere.

#5. FireTube

FireTube isn’t exactly a YouTube alternative. At least, you won’t see videos It’s focused simply on audio playback. You get the songs you want from your fave videos playing in the background while you do other things. That’s one of the options users want from YouTube and they don’t have. If you’re looking for simply audio playback, it’s the app for you.

#6. iTube

The iTube app is another popular app for music lovers. It features an interface that loads YouTube playlists and focuses mostly on being a YouTube music player that also loads videos. You can also switch on an option to load lyrics while the video plays in the background, but this doesn’t always work. It also has its own in-app advertisements, so you aren’t getting rid of ads with this app either.

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