Best youtube alternative app for iphone

Best YouTube alternative Apps for iPhone

YouTube is king when it comes to video media. There are plenty of things to see on YouTube ranging from user-created content to professional videos. Google-made YouTube apps work on iPhones and Android smartphones both.

There can, however, be reasons to seek an alternative. Minimizing the YouTube app can stop playback. This could be for a variety of reasons including making sure users clearly see the ads on YouTube. You must also view YouTube videos through an iOS player. Opening YouTube videos via Safari launches a special player that doesn’t have the iOS picture-in-picture button.

Best YouTube alternative Apps for iPhone:

#1. MyTube
You can download MyTube free to play, copy and download your favorite YouTube videos. The app is pretty easy to navigate. You can also use MyTube to share videos on different social networking platforms or use its AirPlay Support to play your videos on smart TVs or other devices with bigger screens.

#2. Tube Player
Tube Player, also free, is described as a mashup of iOS and YouTube layouts. It takes some playing with to get used to but has plenty of cool features. You can drag your finger up and down over the video to control volume and right and left to move forward or back in the video by 10 second increments. You can also play your fave videos in the background.

#3. ProTube
ProTube features video playback in any quality and high quality audio-only playback.You can set a default resolution such as full HD in which to play videos. It supports the iOS 9 picture-in-picture mode. ProTube also has a bigger built-in playlist than YouTube. The app lets you listen to audio from YouTube videos in the background.

#4. NetTube
The NetTube app isn’t going to win any contests for being attractive. However, the online video player lets you search and play videos both on SoundCloud and YouTube. It includes a dedicated sleep setting that lets you set how long you want to play videos. You can also share your music and playlists on many social networks. The app lets you view, share, and download YouTube videos.

#5. McTube
McTube gives you a classic layout. Its features include repeat and sleep mode. You can also have the ability to just play audio instead of the full video. You can switch your default region on McTube. There is a cache mode that lets you save your favorite YouTube videos and watch them offline. Add in many streamlined log-in features that let you share videos on social media.

#6. Hyper
Hyper is something different when it comes to YouTube alternatives. It’s a video magazine app that suggests 10 videos to play every day. If your iPhone’s connected to Wi-Fi, it will download the videos for you each morning. Granted, that’s not quite the functionality of YouTube. But if you just want to veg out on the subway or on your lunch break and watch some awesome videos, Hyper may be worth considering.

That’s our list of suggested YouTube alternatives. Enjoy your tunes as you rock out to the latest music or your oldies, whichever you prefer.

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