How to Block unwanted spam calls on iPhone and Android

How to Block unwanted spam calls on iPhone and Android

Here is best tips for how to Block unwanted spam calls on iPhone and Android with step by step guidelines. this will surely help you to block spam calls

You can’t help but be aggravated when you’re sitting down for dinner or expecting an important phone call and you get a spam or scam phone call instead. Even putting your mobile phone number on the Do Not Call Registry doesn’t always stop aggressive telemarketers from contacting you.

There are apps and other ways to keep spammers away. That goes both for Android and iPhone users.

How to Block unwanted spam calls on iPhone and Android:

Tips to Block unwanted spam calls for iPhone users

Along with its other great features, the iOS 10 operating system enables developers to build apps with the sole purpose of blocking unwanted calls. This gives you a chance to rid yourself of those annoying telemarketer calls.  The catch is whether the bugs have been worked out yet.

When you download one of the apps, you will have to enable it to work. Go to Phone>Call Blocking & Identification to see the third-party apps you installed. Turn it to on, go the specific app you downloaded and set the preferences.

Some of the apps available are Hiya, Callblock and Who Called. Hiya identifies what calls you want to take and automatically determines which calls you’d rather not. It tells you who’s on the other side of an unknown number and automatically blocks spam and scam calls.

Who Called promotes its community-based spam list that can identify callers, helping you keep an eye out for telemarketers’ calls. Callblockclaims to block phone calls from more than 2 million telemarketers.

Just a word of caution. Callblock’s page in the iTunes store states that there are reported issues with call-directory extensions and iOS 10. Rocketship, the maker of Callblock, states that it’s caused by issues with the iOS framework CallKit which lets call-directory extensions like Callblock to work. Fixes are expected when iOS 10.1 is released.

It doesn’t state if other spam-fighting apps are having the same issue.

If you have iOS 7 or later you can block unwanted calls in other ways. Tap Settings>Phone then go to the Calls section and tap Blocked. Tap Add New and pick which number in your contact list that you want to block.

You can also tap the Phone icon, select all or missed calls and tap the icon next to the number you want to block. Go to the bottom of the info panel that pops up, tap on the blue Block This Caller option then Block Contact to confirm that’s what you want to do.

Tips to Block unwanted spam calls for Android users

Android gives you options, though they won’t work for every call.

Android 4.4 KitKat and later includes built-in features that let you know who’s calling. That includes Caller ID by Google. This feature checks incoming calls and matches them with Google Places listings. If they match, the name of the business calling will display on your screen. The catch is the business has to have a listing in Google’s business directory.

If you notice repeated calls from the same number, use the call log to block it. Select the number calling and hit the menu button when you see the caller’s details. Your phone will give you the option of “Add to Reject List.” You can edit this list by going to Settings>Call>Call Reject>Auto Reject List.

If your phone’s operating system is pre-Android 4.4, open the call log and hold your finger on the number that you want to block. Wait for the menu to pop up asking if you want to add the number to your contacts list or block it and choose “block.”

There is another option if you have a phone with Android 4.2.2 or higher. When someone unwanted calls, go ahead and make a contact of the number even if you do not want to remember the business or person. You can then go into your People or Contacts app, find the contact and tap on it to select the option “All Calls to Voicemail.” That won’t get rid of the calls but will give you more of an option to pay attention to them if you want.

Want more power to keep the spammers away? Download a call block app from the Google Play Store. Apps like Mr. Number, True Callerand Anti Phone Spam lets you block calls and texts from one phone number, an area code or more. They can send calls from unknown numbers straight to voice mail or hang up on numbers that you program them to ignore.

These apps are prized for giving you options. You can set it to keep all toll-free numbers from blocking you – with the assumption they’re likely telemarketers or bill collectors – or block all unknown contacts. You have a list of ex-boyfriends or girlfriends you want to avoid? Put their numbers in and breathe easy.

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