How To Customize Toggles on Samsung Note 8

How To Customize Toggles on Samsung Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most convenient and flexible device up to date. it is compatible to a lot of applications and programs, and it can be almost connected to any device you wish to. You can customize your own toggles to make things easier and faster for you.

The toggles buttons can directly enable a lot of features in your phone, so that you no longer need to do the lengthy procedure by finding the settings button. You can do this instantly since Note 8 is able change everything to make it easier.

If you pull down the notification bar with two fingers, you will access Quick Settings. You can change the notification bar in this menu, and you change other settings that you want to.

How To Customize Toggles on Samsung Note 8:

Customizing Toggles:

  • Pull down the notification bar with two fingers, and select the top right square to have access to Quick Settings
  • Select Edit (The Pencil-like logo) at the top.
  • On the notification panel, edit your settings. You can adjust the brightness, switch on/off the WIFI and Bluetooth. You may also do your quick settings here.
  • You can hold at any toggle by pressing it down for a few seconds, and you can drag and drop it anywhere and replace another toggle with it.

Now you can fully navigate your phone with an ease. Everything will be more convenient for you.

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