How to Fix Android Phone Connected to WiFi but no Internet Access

My Android Phone is Connected to wifi but no Internet Access

Android smartphones give us users great pleasure when we want to surf the web, play online games or Skype with our buddies and families. It’s hard to imagine what we did before we could just pull our smartphones out. The catch is none of that is possible without Internet access.

That makes it frustrating when your smartphone’s connected to WiFi but doesn’t seem to have any internet access. It leaves you stumbling trying to find the solution so you can get re-connected.

There could be different reasons that this would happen. Here are the possibilities and our suggestions about what to do when your Android phone connected to WiFi but you have no internet.

My Android Phone is Connected to wifi but no Internet Access:

Check your date and time

Our best advice is to start simple. Update the date and time on your phone and router so that it is in sync with your internet provider date and time. This may not do the trick, but sometimes this is all you have to do to fix the problem.

Temporarily remove your phone battery

Remove your phone battery while it is working. Wait about 30 seconds before putting it back in your phone. This will make your phone reboot. Wait for it to reboot then try to reconnect to the network and check to see if you have internet access.

Tap on forgot network

Open Settings then WiFi on your phone. Tap on the name of your network and click “Forgot Network.” Restart your phone and modem or router and try to connect again.

Check WiFi timer

Go to Settings then WiFi again. Tap on the left menu key and click on Advanced. If the WiFi timer is on, turn it off.

Disable WiFi and enable it again. Now retry your connection.

Check internet connectivity

Disable your antivirus and mobile data then check the internet connectivity.

Still no luck? Let’s try some advanced solutions.

Step 1: Open the router page and rename the default IP from to another value, like possibly changing the “1” at the end to “2.” Reboot your router, tap on forget the network and try to connect again.

Step 2: If step one doesn’t work, go back to the router page and change security mode under wireless from default WEP to WPA. If you already have it on WAP, try WPA2. Reboot your router and re-connect.

Step 3: Change your encryption from AES to TKIP or, if already on TKIP, to AES.

Step 4: Switch from DHCP to a static IP by doing the following:

Android earlier than Jelly Bean version

Open Settings and tap on Wireless & Settings.

Tap on WiFi settings then the left menu key.

Tap on Advanced and then Use Static IP.

Call your internet service provider and ask for the IP address, gateway, subnet mask, DNS1 and DNS2.

Android version 4.2 to 4.4

Go to Settings>WiFi.

Hold the network and click Modify Network Config then tap Show Advanced Settings>IP Settings>Static.

Enter the information for the network you want and tap on Save.

We hope one of these fixes solved your problem. Enjoy your return to surfing the web.

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