How to fix home button not working on note 8

How to fix Home Button not Working on Note 8

When we want to go to the homepage, we tend to abuse the phone button. To be honest, it is one of the most abused buttons in any device from any manufacturer. Until today, it is still an issue that the Home Button fails to work at times, and it is such an essential to keep the Home Button at bay.

However, you may not that you may have pressed something, or altered a setting that causes the home button not to work. We will tell you how to fix that.

How to fix Home Button not Working on Note 8:

Touch Key Light Fix:

  • Open the Menu Page.
  • Go to the Settings Menu
  • Select Quick Settings.
  • Select the option Power Saving.
  • Touch Power Saving Mode.
  • Select Restrict Performance.
  • Deselect the tick box “Turn Off touch Key Light”

After doing the simple procedure, your Galaxy Note 8’s should function properly.

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