How to Fix iTunes Syncing/Restore Errors

How to Fix iTunes Syncing Errors on iPhone

Users of iPhones and iPads periodically report errors trying to restore their device using iTunes. Many of these issues can be simply solved, but it’s a case of finding the right fix.

How to Fix iTunes Syncing Errors on iPhone:

Fix iTunes Restore Errors

It’s the case of the dreaded error code, letting you know not everything’s fine with your iOS device. In this case the codes are:

  • 9
  • 4005
  • 4013
  • 4014

You may get a message saying that your iPhone can’t be restored and an unknown error occurred followed by one of those error codes.

Here’s what to try.

Download the latest version of iTunes

Sometimes all you have to do is update your iTunes version. Open iTunes on your computer and, if you have a Mac, click on the menu bar then select Check for Updates. For Windows, click on the menu bar, click on Help then Check for Updates.

Update your computer

You may need to update your computer software. If you have a Mac, you can do so through the App Store app on your computer. Open the App Store app, click on Updates in the tool bar and, if an update is available, click Update to install them.

Check your connection

Make sure your iPhone or iPad and your computer have a solid connection. To make sure, disconnect the USB cable from your iPhone or iPad then plug it back in. If you have a different USB cable, try that cable. You also want to make sure your cord isn’t damaged.

Restart your devices

Still no luck? Shut down your computer and restart it.

Now grab your iPhone or iPad and power it off by pressing and holding the sleep/wake button. When you see a slide to power off option, drag it to the right to accept and shut down your device.

Press and hold the same button again until you see the Apple logo.

Check your computer’s security software

Your security software may actually be harming your ability to communicate, not helping it. Try updating, uninstalling or changing software that you believe could be causing the problem.

Still no luck? Consider reaching out to Apple support.

Mac/Windows computer and iTunes not syncing or connecting

Other difficulties reported include iTunes not detecting or syncing with an iPhone or iPad. People want to know why their computer doesn’t recognize their device.

If you’re having this issue, try these steps.

Step 1: Disconnect your device from the computer.

Step 2: Click on iTunes and then Quit iTunes on your Mac menu bar.

Step 3: Press the iPhone’s power button and choose Power Off to turn it off.

Step 4: Turn your iPhone back on and connect it to your computer.

Step 5: Return to your Mac, go to Go>Go to Folder> and type in /var/db/lockdown. That will take you inside the lockdown folder. Dispose of anything that you don’t by moving it to the trash.

Step 6: Now just empty the trash and turn iTunes back on.

Other steps, again, include restarting your computer, using a different USB cable and making sure your Apple device is using the latest operating system version.

Windows user? Force close iTunes, click on Start>&ProgramData%>Apple. Now dump the lockdown folder

Try these other tips as well:

Step 1: Update your iPhone’s driver

Step 2: Download the newest version of iTunes

We know it’s frustrating when things don’t go as planned. Follow these steps and see if you can get your iPhone/iPad and iTunes on your computer syncing again. If not, consider reaching out to Apple support or a nearby Apple retailer for help.


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