How to Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”

How to Fix “Unfortunately the Has Stopped”

Android phones can be terrific, but all that awesomeness stops when we get an error message. It forces us to take time to try to figure out what’s wrong and prevent the error. Sometimes it’s as simple as turning our phone on and off. Other times it’s much more complex. All this does is frustrate us. Even worse? There are a multitude of errors we may see.

Among them is the “ultimately the has stopped” error. This happens after you update your firmware or install a new ROM. If you get the message, your phone won’t work. It’s caused by an SIM toolkit application or a problem with the phone. Possible actions of yours it may be related to include:

  • Recently installing new ROM
  • Making major modifications to data
  • Recently restoring data
  • An update failing
  • Upgrading to the latest version of Android software

There are ways to fix it. First, make sure you back up your phone using a process or program like the dr. fone Android Data Backup & Restore program.

How to Fix “Unfortunately the has Stopped”:

Clear phone app’s cache and data

Clearing the cache may rid your phone of the error. Follow these steps.

  • Open Settings and select Apps.
  • Tap the All tab to see all your aps in one column.
  • Scroll down to your Phone app.
  • Tap on it then tap on Clear Cache.
  • If you still have a problem, repeat above steps but tap on Clear Data at the end.
  • Restart your phone.

Another suggestion is to clear the cache and data of the SIM Toolkit. You would just follow the above steps but choose SIM Toolkit instead of the Phone app under the All tab.

Use custom recovery

If your phone is still displaying the message, install the latest AROMA file manager from the XDA website. Use the file manager to delete a cache or temporary folder of the Phone and SIM Toolkit apps. Then restart your phone.

Perform a factory reset

Quite often considered the last resort is a factory reset. If nothing else works, it may.

Step 1: Back up your data.

Step 2: Turn off your Android phone.

Step 3: Hold down the Volume Up, Home and Power keys at the same time until your phone vibrates.

Step 4: When it vibrates, let go of only the power key and keep your fingers on the other buttons.

Step 5: Let go of both when you see the Android logo.

Step 6: Select backup and factory reset. When done, restore your phone’s data from your backup.

Hopefully one of these solutions fixed your Android phone. We understand how frustrating it is when you receive such an error. Happy surfing on your Android and hopefully you return to that surfing soon.

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