How to Animate your Google Pixel Home Button on Your Nexus 6P/Nexus 5X Phone

How to Animate your Google Pixel Home Button on Your Nexus 6P/Nexus 5X Phone

Lots of smartphone users are switching over to the Google Pixel, the first smartphone to carry Google’s name. It’s enough to make Nexus owners jealous, considering their smartphones may not have the same features.

That includes the home button animation that includes the Pixel’s navigation buttons. If you envy Google Pixel owners who have this feature on their phone, it’s time to smile. You can get this feature on your Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P. Developers are finding ways to give Nexus owners the same features, and the latest feature is the home button animation.

Before you install the unofficial patch, make sure you backup your phone. That’s always the first step when you make system-wide changes to your smartphone. That way if something happens you don’t lose your files.

Ready? Let’s proceed. There are two zip files for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Before you can install it and use Pixel’s navigation buttons, you must root your device and make sure your Nexus smartphone is running Android 7.1.1 beta, build NPF10C. If you aren’t, the home button animation won’t work. You also need to have custom recovery installed on your Nexus phone.

If you meet these requirements, download whichever file below matches your device.

Once it’s downloaded, you want to boot your phone into custom recovery made and make a complete NANDroid backup if you have not done so yet.

Next tap Install on TWRP’s main menu and find your device’s Download folder. Tap on the file and swipe your phone’s slider at the bottom of the screen to install it. When it’s done installing, tap Reboot System.

If you successfully installed it, your Nexus phone’s screen will show solid navigation bar buttons at the bottom that resemble the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. If you press and hold your home button to trigger your phone’s Google Assistant, your screen will show four colored dots animating outward.

Didn’t work? Let’s see what we can do. Is there a “System UI has stopped” message after you reboot it? Try restarting your phone. If you can’t restart it easily, hard reboot it by holding your power button down for 10 seconds.

Still not working? The next step is to reset your System UI Tuner mod. Go to Settings>System UI Tuner. Tap on the three-dot menu button and select Remove This Menu. Once done, reboot your phone and search for the buttons. See them now? Re-add your System UI Tuner tweaks and you’re good to go.

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