How to Block Spam Text iMessages On iPhone

How to Block Spam Text iMessages On iPhone

Smartphones make communication easy on the go with features as simple as texting. It’s great to get a text when you really don’t have time to talk or to send a text when you only have something short to say. We grab our phones to see what’s up when we heard that notification sound.

The aggravation comes in when you grab your smartphone and what you receive is a spam message. It can be a growing problem. Carriers are trying to do all they can to stop this problem, but it isn’t enough. Spam messages come through and steal away your attention for what usually is a message that you have no desire to receive.

There are ways to keep spam messages from robbing your productivity. Here are our suggestions about how to stop spam messages from reaching you.

How to Block Spam Text iMessages On iPhone:

One of the first steps you can take is to block the iMessage spam instead of deleting it. This prevents the specific spammer from sending you another text message.

Step 1: Open your Messages and tap the spam message.

Step 2: Tap on Details in the top right of your screen.

Step 3: Tap the “i”, which is the Info icon.

Step 4: Select Block this Caller, then Block Contact.

The person who sent the message is now on your block list. That means they can’t send you any more messages. Got someone annoying who keeps texting you? You can block them the same way. If you change your mind, go through the steps and select Unblock this Caller.

How to Block unknown senders

You can go one step further and block anyone whom you don’t know from sending you messages. Your iPhone or iPad lets you filter messages from unknown senders and put them in a separate list. You can also turn off notifications for messages from people whom aren’t among your contacts in your contact list.

Go to Settings>Messages and turn on the switch that says Filter Unknown Senders.

How to Report spam to Apple

Do you want to help others avoid such spam messages? You can play your part by reporting the spammer to Apple. Apple may not realize the spammer is a problem unless you report it. It will keep the spammer from sending messages to other iPhone users.

Here is now to report the spammer to Apple.

Step 1: When you get a message from someone who isn’t among your contacts, your phone will prompt you with a message saying “The sender is not in your contact list” and a blue Report Junk button. Tap on the button.

Step 2: Tap on Report Junk.

Step 3: Tap on Delete and Report Junk.

Another way to do so is to take a screenshot of the message and email it to with the email address or phone number and what time and what date you got the message. Apple’s iMessage team will investigate your complaint.

These steps will both help you eliminate spam on your iPhone and others as well. Good luck with your attempts and hopefully you’ll go back to only receiving messages from friends and family whose messages are worth reading.

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