How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for Your Website / Blog - 7 Tips - Factors

How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for Your Website / Blog – 7 Tips – Factors

In a competitive world. are you planning to launch your website online but confused for choosing the best hosting provider company. there are lots of hosting company available in the web but which are the best for your website is very tough job. which company will provide us best support, hosting features and complete help regarding your queries. here we have explained some tips before choosing web hosting company. [updated]

Website is a media to present oneself to the world in a nice way. But wrong selection of web hosting will lead to sufferings. This article is for those who have not ever set up any website and who want to know how to select a good hosting company. All hosting companies are not same. Many companies can’t be able to meet the requirements of customers. So in case of choosing hosting company you will need to be assured that your selected hosting company will provide assistance in fulfilling your website’s aim.

Hosting companies offer web server that provide space for keeping website script, database and other web objects. Web server is a common place that helps in hosting a website and for keeping website operative it allows to keep necessary programmed and tools. It connects with web and helps in accessing websites resources. This article will help you to keep yourself away from bad-experiences of web hosting process-

1. Register Domain Name

The first step of selecting a good hosting company is having experience about a name related to website or contents of website. Registration of domain name is required before setting up a hosting account. Here one thing is considerable that don’t let to register your domain name to any hosting company because it is necessary to have fully control on your own domain name. Most of the hosting company will wish to register your domain name on their register account. As a result it may appear difficult to you to change hosting company in future. If you have own control in your domain name you can easily change your hosting company in future if it needed so. Many hosting company do not agree to transfer domain name to website’s owner account. The easiest and cheapest registration process can be processed on Bluehost.

2. Make lists of Requirements

A websites that made with static HTML can be run in any server. If you create any site that have use of PHP, JSP, ASP or other any server side languages, then you need to match server type according to needs. Today’s many websites have usage of PHP and MYSQL database. In these cases, LINUX or UNIX hosting server should be used. As all LENUX/UNIX servers are included database. But of course these should be teste3d before. MYSQL is the most popular database used in open software.

If website is not made of ASP or ASP.NET, then uses of Microsoft’s web server should be avoided. Because web servers of Microsoft use proprietary control panel which will be a reason for your facing search engine related problems of your website.

3. Web Space and Bandwidth

Web space is the amount of disk space which is necessary for your webpage, image, database and other web object, and also for server log file. Now disk space is comparatively cheaper.

4. Selecting Control Panel

Control panel is a special administration area, where owner log in for configure website, database, email and other related to website hosting. CPANEL is a popular control panel. If you search with CPANEL hosting, you will find a lot of LINUX hosting option that use CPANEL.

5. Technical Support

It should be a primary considering matter in case of hosting selection. A website is running for 24 hours and 7 days, all the time. So, always technical supporting system is most needed. There are some cheap and small hosting company will do late in feed backing. So keep in mind that before selection of hosting.

6. How Many Website Want to be Hosted

More than one website can be needed to host altogether. In this case choose a hosting company that will offer you a package of many sites hosting on a specific fee. Now many of the companies offer that kind of packages where 5 to 10 website hosting offer is given for a specific amount of fee.

7. Free Hosting

The concept of free hosting is not good so. If you want to earn a good amount of money then avoid the thinking of using free hosting. There is no advertisement in free hosting websites. And it also host a lot of websites in one web server. So it’s better to avoid free hosting.

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