How to Clear iPhone’s Message Cache

How to Clear Message / iMessage Cache on iPhone & iPad

If you own an iPhone or iPad and like keeping in touch with your friends then you’re likely familiar with iMessage. iMessage is Apple’s instant messaging software that lets you send text messages, photos, video and more. Siri can even help you send iMessages.

Admit it. Did you already fall in love with iMessage – so much so that your phone’s piling up with messages and extra data? Video, audio and picture files can pile up in your cache and eventually cause your iPhone or iPad to be sluggish.

How to Clear Message / iMessage Cache on iPhone & iPad:

Clear messages

Display your conversations by clicking on the Messages icon on your iPhone. Delete any iMessage messages and attachments that you don’t need. To delete an entire conversation, click on the Edit button on the top left then click the red circle on the left side of each conversation you want to delete. Clicking on the red circle will enable the Delete option on the right. Click Delete to remove the conversation.

If you only want to delete part of a conversation or an iMessage attachment, click on the conversation and one message until a pop-up appears. Next you want to tap More and, when that little circle on the left pops up, tap More to display message and attachments. Check which ones you want to delete and click on the trash bin to delete these messages and attachments.

Clear the cache with iBackupbot

When you backup your iPhone, you also back up these messages and attachments. Restoring from backup isn’t going to remove your message cache. Here’s what you can do.

The popular backup-editing program iBackupbot lets you edit your iPhone’s backup to remove the Message cache and reclaim space. First you need to make a backup. You want to back up your iPhone or iPad through iTunes. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your device. Go to Backup now after selecting your device and wait for the backup to finish.

Next you want to download and launch iBackupbot. It will automatically detect the backup you just created. If not, or if you already had a recent backup, select it.

Go to Systems Files>Mediadomain>Library>SMS>Attachments. All the photos, media and videos that you’ve sent and received are located in the folders in your message cache. Remove as many folders as you can – each folder if possible – to clear the data.

When done, click Restore so that your phone is restored from this backup.

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