How to Disable Automatic App Updates on Google Pixel, Pixel XL

How to Disable Automatic App Updates on Google Pixel & Pixel XL [Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL]

Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL are designed to run smooth and quick. You won’t see a lot of bundled apps. The catch is you will be so excited about your new phone that you will fill it full of apps and games. The more you fill it up the more storage space you will use. Also, your phone may update when you are not on WiFi, meaning it will use your likely limited mobile data for updates.

There are ways to stop the Pixel and Pixel XL from updating on its own. These tips are especially useful if this is your first Android phone. We’ll explain how to turn off automatic updates and give you advice on whether or not it’s a decision you should make.

How to Disable Automatic App Updates on Google Pixel & Pixel XL [Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL]:

Make adjustments at the Google Play Store

Most Android phones including the Google Pixel and Pixel XL update apps automatically by default. You can change this by making modifications on the Google Play Store app. Look for “Play Store” in your app drawer.

Once you open it, tap on the top left menu button (three lines) next to the “Google Play” search bar. Look down at the slide-out menu that appears for Settings. Select Auto-Update Apps under Settings.

You will have the choice of tapping on Automatically Update Apps or Do Not Auto-Update Apps.

Whether to change this depends on whether you’re the type of user who wants everything updated for you or if you want more control. If you want more control, select Do Not Auto-Update Apps.

If you do select Do Not Auto-Update Apps, you will receive notifications when updates are available.

Which option fits you best?

Many Android users and smartphone users in general feel comfortable leaving things up to the smartphone. That includes downloading and installing updates.

The catch is they may not know there were any changes to apps until they open them up and notice changes. That may bring some surprises if they suddenly notice changes to Facebook, their favorite games or other apps.

Android users who want more control, or who want to only download apps when Wi-Fi is turned on, may want to stop auto updates. There’s just one thing to remember. Switching to Do Not Auto-Update Apps means you will get more notifications. How many notifications may be determined by just how many apps you have downloaded to your smartphone.

You also have the option of setting updates so that it only updates over WiFi. That will save limited data that you have on your phone carrier plan.

Here’s the question. Are you a casual smartphone user or new to Android? If so you may want to leave automatic app updates on. You won’t get constant app update notifications. You must also remember that app updates often include vital changes that rid your apps of bugs, especially bugs that may appear right after the app is released. Forgetting to update apps may cause problems from apps in need of an update.

If you’re a regular Android user and used to checking periodically to see if any apps need updated, you may want to take a chance and switch off the automatic upgrade to apps. The same goes if you’re bothered by unexplained changes to your favorite apps.

Constantly updating apps and transferring data can also keep your phone running much more in the background and drain the battery quicker than you expect. Switching off automatic app updates until you can plug in your phone and connect to WiFi both may be a wise choice if you want to conserve battery power when on the go.

There’s also the possibility that you won’t want all updates. There are times when the supposed fixes cause more problems than the original apps. If you get notifications about needed updates, you can research the updates and see if there are any problems with them.

There is also a compromise. Android phones like the Google Pixel and Pixel XL let you choose which apps you want to update automatically. To turn on auto-update for a specific app, go to the app page in the Google Play app, tap on the three vertical dots on the top right and click on Auto-Update.

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