How to Download Torrents on iPhone / iPad Without Jailbreak

How to Download Torrents on iPhone / iPad without Jailbreak

Torrent files are smaller files that contain information on how to download larger files using BitTorrent protocol. While downloading a file, a torrent user is uploading it to another client elsewhere wanting the same file. It’s a give and take.

The idea is that not everyone has a high-speed internet connection. It’s tough to download large files with slow connections, but downloading torrents may be the way to do it.

If you have an Android phone? You can likely find an app to download torrents. An iPhone or iPad? Good luck. Apple has put in place a strict copyright policy that does not allow torrenting apps. To download a torrenting app you have always had to jailbreak your phone. That in return can cause problems because Apple frowns upon jailbreaking as well and it could void your warranty.

Now there is a way to download torrents on an iPad without jailbreaking. You need iDownloader, UC browser or another download manager from Apple’s App Store. You also need to find a torrent website to find the files you want to download.

Just understand one thing before you proceed. Apple doesn’t allow downloading of torrent files because it sometimes leads to copyright infringement notices from ISP providers or companies. This method won’t let them know.

However, while it’s legal to download torrent files it is illegal to download copyright materials through torrent file.

Find a torrent downloader that keeps your IP address safe. You don’t want anyone else to have your information including your IP address.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone / iPad without Jailbreak:

Step 1: Find a torrent tracker website that will let you find the torrent you want to download. You can do a Google search for working torrent sites.

Step 2: Open iDownloader or UC Browser.

Step 3: Go to the torrent downloading site and search for the torrent you want to download.

Step 4: Long tap or tap on the magnet icon and hold down until you see three options, Open, Copy or Cancel. Select Copy.

Step 5: You have two options of what to do next. You can go to or, which are both online torrent downloaders. Sign up if you need to and open the downloader.

Step 6: Paste the torrent link you copied into the downloader. Tap on “Add Torrent.”

Step 7: Wait for the iPad to say “Download link.” When it does, click to start the torrent file download.

You can also use your Safari browser, but Safari sometimes streams the file rather than downloading it like you need. The UC browser or iDownloader app may be the safest bet to use.

These instructions are provided as a courtesy. We do not suggest downloading copyrighted material. Please follow the laws in your specific country when it comes to use of the internet.

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