How To Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect Or Pair With Bluetooth Problem

How To Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect Or Pair With Bluetooth Problem

Bluetooth’s a convenient way to wirelessly transmit data between two devices like your Android smartphone and your headphones or your iPad and a keyboard. It’s among the most commonly used wireless technologies with billions of products shipped each year. That makes it a common headache when it isn’t working.

Bluetooth users can have issues when pairings with devices fail. That means your Android phone won’t connect with your wireless headphones or speakers.

How To Fix Android Phone Won’t Connect Or Pair With Bluetooth Problem:

Step #1: Make sure both devices are in pairing mode

Bluetooth wirelessly transmits data and information between two devices. Both have to be ready to transmit.

Check the Bluetooth symbol at the top of your phone’s screen and make sure it’s enabled. If not, go to Settings and enable it.

Check how each device pairs. Sometimes you must hold a button down or touch devices, while other times you must put a code into your phone. Check your user guides if you don’t know.

Is the device you’re pairing your Android phone with in discoverable mode? Go to your phone’s settings and tap on Bluetooth. Once done, go to the other device and do what you must do for it to look for the other Bluetooth device. The device, such as your car’s Bluetooth system, may ask for a numeric code in order to connect.

Just another tip. Make sure the devices are close to each other. Within five feet is best.

Step #2: Toggle the Bluetooth connection

It’s a basic step but sometimes works. Pull down your Android phone’s notification screen and find the Bluetooth icon. Switch the connection off, wait for 10 seconds then turn it back on. Check your phone to see if Bluetooth is connecting.

Step #3: Turn the devices on and off

It’s another basic step. Turn both devices on and off. Sometimes a soft reset can fix the problem.

Step #4: Make sure both devices are charged

Some devices feature a smart power management system that shuts off features when power is low. That may include Bluetooth. If one of your devices is low on power, that could be the cause. Charge it and try again.

Step #5: Search for interferers and power them down

Are there other devices in close proximity with which your device may be trying to connect? It could be a pair of speakers or other device that you commonly connect with your phone’s Bluetooth. If so, turn it off. It could be interfering with your Bluetooth signal.

Step #6: Move away from WiFi routers and USB 3.0 ports

Both WiFi signals and higher-speed UBS 3.0 ports can interfere with your Bluetooth signal. Make sure you are not around your router or computer.

Step #7: Delete a device and rediscover it

Sometimes you need to start over to fix the problem. Remove the device from your phone’s memory then reconnect it. On an Android phone, tap all devices connected to your Android phone and unpair them. When they are unpaired, your phone will scan again for devices and may show the device you want to connect with it. Try pairing it again.

Step #8: Double check if you can connect the devices

Sometimes a device may have a different Bluetooth profile than your Android phone. Check the device’s user manual for information on how to pair Bluetooth devices with it.

Step #9: Clear your Bluetooth cache and data

Temporary files saved in your cache can sometimes become corrupt. It isn’t going to harm your phone by removing them because they only contain data to help your Bluetooth run smooth and will be re-created next time you use Bluetooth.

Go to your phone’s Settings menu and tap on Application Manager. Swipe to All to display all applications. Search for the Bluetooth icon and tap on it then, on the next screen, stop the application by tapping on Force Stop. The next step is to tap on Clear Cache and, when prompted to confirm, tap OK.

Once you clear your cache, restart your phone and try again.

Next you want to clear your Bluetooth data. Go to Settings and tap on Applications Manager again then choose the tab that says All. Tap on Bluetooth then tap on Clear Data. Restart your phone then restart Bluetooth.

Step #10: Update your software

Not running the most up-to-date software can interfere with your Bluetooth experience. To check to see if you have the most recent update, go to Settings and scroll down to About Device then tap on it. Tap on System Update or Software update and update your phone’s software.

Step #11: Check the user’s manual

Sometimes there may be other reasons why your device won’t connect, such as your device may have a specific profile with which it can be connected. Always check your user’s manual for your devices for additional information.

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