How to Fix Apple Watch Not Sending or Receiving Text Messages

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Sending or Receiving Text Messages

Your Apple Watch keeps you in touch with your friends and family just like your iPhone does. The biggest difference is it’s more convenient as you just have to check messages on your watch instead of pulling your phone out of your pocket.

That convenience doesn’t mean anything, though, if your Apple Watch isn’t sending or receiving text messages. Some users report problems receiving and sending texts on their Apple Watch. There could be various reasons why you are having this problem.

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Sending or Receiving Text Messages:

Step #1: Make Sure Texting is Activated with your Carrier

You can send iMessages to other Apple devices, but if you are sending a message to a non-iOS device you must send an SMS/MMS message. That’s basically just a plain text. Is your phone activated to send text messages? If you aren’t using WiFi, you may need a text-messaging plan to send texts. Check with your wireless carrier or check your phone service to see if text messaging is included with your plan.

Step #2: Lock your iPhone

The problem could be your iPhone and not your Apple Watch is receiving the text messages. If your iPhone is on and in use, it will get all notifications including text messages on its screen.

Lock your iPhone or turn it off so that your Apple Watch will receive text messages.

Step #3: Turn Off Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch

Were you in a meeting, a movie theater or another place where you may have wanted to activate Do Not Disturb on your Apple Watch? Maybe you forgot to turn it off.

Press the Digital Crown to access your watch and swipe up so that you can launch Glances. Swipe left until you see Settings and tap on the Do Not Disturb icon to turn it off if it’s turned on.

Step #4: Restart Apple Watch

Sometimes it’s just a hiccup in the system that can be fixed by restarting your Apple Watch. Press and hold the slide button until your screen shows you the turn off slide button. To restart it, press the side button until your Apple Watch screen displays the Apple logo.

Step #5: Turn Off/On iMessage on iPhone

Are you trying to send a message to another iOS device and not having any luck? Here’s another turn off and back on solution. Go to Settings>Message>iMessage on your iPhone and turn iMessage off. Wait about 10 seconds then turn it back on and see if it works.

Step #6: Make Sure Apple Watch and iPhone are Paired

The problem could be a bad Bluetooth connection between your Apple Watch and your iPhone. Check your Bluetooth settings and make sure the two devices are paired.

You can check the connection by opening the Control Center on your Apple Watch and tapping on the iPhone icon. Your iPhone will make a “ping” sound if they are connected securely.

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