How to Fix Apps Crashing Problems on Your Jailbroken iPhone

How to Fix Apps Crashing Problems on Your Jailbroken iPhone

Do you have apps crashing on your jailbroken iPhone? Don’t automatically jump to the conclusion that the jailbreaking’s the problem. It’s often a cause completely unrelated to the jailbreaking.

There are, however, times that third-party apps from the App Store may not work well. These include Safari, YouTube and the jailbreak tweak BytaFont 3.

How to Fix Apps Crashing Problems on Your Jailbroken iPhone:

Safari app

Some common problems with the Safari app are an overload when a lot of web pages are running at the same time and a Safari crash search bug.

The search bug was solved when a r/Jailbreak Reddit developer released a jailbreak tweak named StopCrashingSafari. The app prevents the CrashSafari website from loading on your iPhone. Now it will say Safari can’t connect to the server to open the page. That helps keep people from troubles that happen when they click on a link that downloads the bug to their phone.

Other solutions to Safari problems include:

  • Clearing your iPhone’s cache by going to Settings>Safari>Clear History
  • Opening App Switcher>Force Close the App
  • Restarting your iPhone

Crashing YouTube

The latest update for YouTube has jailbreak detection, which can mean problems for your jailbroken iPhone.

You can downgrade YouTube to its previous version, which will keep it from crashing for this reason. You can also install YouTube+++ or Cercube 3 from Cydia. Another option is the jailbreaking tweak AppAdmin, which lets you downgrade App Store apps.

BytaFont 3 Problems

BytaFont 3 lets people see something other than Apple’s default font on their iPhone. They can customize the fond system on their iPhone or iPad to something more of their liking.

One issue reported by users is that the app put their devices in boot loop. That’s been a complaint with the latest edition of ByteFont 3.

While why this is happening is a matter of dispute, the BytaFont tweak now is updated to version 3.1.3. Downloading the update seems to prevent the bootlooping.

FaceTime Not Working After iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

Users have reported the FaceTime app not working after using the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. This is often an easy fix. Just restart your iPhone or iPad and try the jailbreak app again.

Other Apps Crashing after iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

There are reports of other apps on iPhones and iPads not working after installing the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. If your iPhone restarted while installing it, you may need to re-jailbreak the phone.

You may also have an issue with Cydia apps and tweaks not working. Click here for a list of Cydia apps compatible with the iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak.

Problems with Touch ID

The popular Touch ID fingerprint reader app which makes unlocking your iPhone or iPad easier seems to work on jailbroken iOS devices. However, there are a few users who said it didn’t work after resprings, or restarting the device’s springboard. This is what happens when someone installs a tweak, makes changes to their iPhone or switches themes.

If you have this problem, go to Cydia, reload sources and install the Touch ID Respring Fix tweak from the BigBossrepo. This should solve the problem.

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