How To Fix Audio Problems on Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Fix Audio Problems on Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus & S8 / S8 Plus

Don’t panic if you don’t hear any sounds coming out from your phone when you play a media file. There might have some problems even from the simplest causes. It could also be that it is a manufacturing defect that is why it is not working. If that is the case simple return the phone from where you got it and ask for a replacement, or contact the Samsung service provider. If it is not the case, then we will give you simple tips about it.

For this article, we show you How To Remedy Audio Problems On Your Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 and Galaxy S8/S9 Plus. Just remember that there are various causes of it and it may not also be from the phone itself. So, just read along if ever you encounter the same problems.

How To Fix Audio Problems on Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus & S8 / S8 Plus:

Faulty Headset:

If in any instances that your phone suddenly goes on mute, then you may have a faulty connection from your headset. There are some audio jacks that are not universally compatible with some of the gadget available today. so, I may suggest that you buy a better-quality headset. The headset that Samsung provides may also be a fragile one, so you don’t have to rely on it. There are other better sound headsets out there, but it will require you to spend a little more.

Check Your Settings:

You might have accidentally re-calibrated the volume settings of your phone, this is a normal case if you are switching from different profiles to one another, or trying to personalize your settings. There might be a case that you are in your “general” profile mode, but you turned down all the volume levels on it. Don’t go freak out if this happens, just double check your settings.

Bluetooth Speaker:

If you want to play some songs from your phone via Bluetooth speaker, check if you have a proper connection. It could also be that the speaker itself may have a hard time recognizing your device. It is also possible that the speaker you got is fake that is the reason why it cannot detect your phone at all. Another scenario could be being, the speaker is not charged to its full battery.

Safe Mode Access:

This is a reasonable solution if in any case that your software doesn’t bring out any output or volume at all. Just boot your phone through safe mode and try to play songs. If it works then you can restart your phone into normal mode, and it should already work just fine. If it still doesn’t, then there is already something wrong from the way it was made.


That is a wrap for this article. Just follow these simple troubleshooting tips if in any case you don’t hear any audio that comes out from your phone. Sometimes it could also be the program that has the problem, but that is a very rare case. Until then, enjoy listening to your favorite tunes from your all new Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus phone.

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