How to fix common Google Play Store error codes

Fix Google Play Store Error: 944, 941, 919, 403, 491, 481, 911, DF-BPA-09

We smartphone users love our apps. There’s nothing like finding a new app that will do just want we want.  It’s like Christmas in July.

OK, it may not be that exciting. But it still makes us happy. And we get disappointed when we try to download the app from the Google Play store and we get an error. Even worse, it’s an error with a name like “Error 944.” Don’t know what Error 944 is? Don’t sweat it. Not many others do either.

Don’t sweat it. You can handle this. We’ve got you covered.

How to fix Common Google Play Store Error:

Fix Google Play Store Error 944

Back to that Error 944. Don’t be alarmed. Error 944 means the Google Play Store servers are offline or you’ve got some other connectivity issue. Give it awhile and try again. You don’t need to start messing with app settings. Just be patient.

Fix Google Play Store DF-BPA-09 Error Processing Purchase

You may see this error while trying to download a purchased app. If you see it, you want to go to Settings>Apps>All>Google services framework and Clear Data. The catch? The problem may be on Google’s end. If you think that’s what’s up, log into Google Play Store on your personal computer and download the app to your phone via the computer.

Fix Google Play Store Error 941 / 927 / 504 /495 / 413 / 406 / 110 / RH-01 / rpc:aec:0

Yes, that’s quite a list. They all refer to different download issues. The good news is you can fix them the same way. You will need to have a new Google ID assigned to your phone.

Step 1: Go to Settings>Apps>All>Google Play Store>Clear Data and Clear Cache to delete your Google Play Store data. See if you can download the app now.

Step 2: No? Look for Google services framework under the apps Settings menu and delete your data from there too. You will get a new Google ID on your devices. You may have to reinstall any apps that have problems after this step.

Step 3: Still have issues? Go to Settings>Account>Google and delete your Google account then restart your phone and re-add it.

Fix Google Play Store Error 919

If you see Error 919, that means you don’t have enough pace on your phone to install or update an app. Try deleting some old unused apps. If that isn’t enough, delete pictures, videos and music you no longer want or need.

Fix Google Play Store Error 403

This error means there is a conflict that’s preventing downloads and updates. It’s caused by using two or more Google accounts to buy apps on one device.

Log into the Google account that you used to buy the app, uninstall it, and press the purchase/install button again.

No luck? Go to Play Store Settings>Clear Search history.

Fix Google Play Store Error 491 / 923 / 101

These errors mean you can’t download or update your phone. You will need to remove and add your Google account.

Go to Settings>Accounts>Google, click on your account and tap on Remove Account. Restart your phone, go to Settings>Accounts>Google and log back into your account. Next you want to go to Settings>Apps, swipe to All tab, scroll to Google Services and tap on Clear Data.

Fix Google Play Store Error 481

Error 481 means there is a huge problem with your Google account. Big enough that you’ll have to remove your old account and sign up for a new one. Go to General Settings>Accounts>Google to remove your account.

Fix Google Play Store Error 911

Error 911 can be a tricky one. There are a few things to try.

You may need to re-enter your passcode if you are connected to a WiFi hotspot that requires you to login. Try again to download the app. Still having a problem? Try a different connection or use your network data if the app is small and you have enough data.

You can also clear Play Store data. Go to Settings>Apps, swipe to the All tab, scroll down to Google Services and tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

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