How to Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Problems [Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL]

Google Pixel features are quite extensive, giving you many ways to enjoy your Google Pixel smartphone. The catch is the more you enjoy it, the quicker you’ll drain the battery. Its 2770mAh battery doesn’t offer the same longevity as the Google Pixel XL’s bigger battery. That doesn’t help if you use it extensively or forget to charge it at night.

Users have also reported having problems with quickly dying batteries on the Pixel and Pixel XL. Some of the issues deal with power-hungry apps and Android software with bugs in need of fixing. But if you’re a user you don’t care about any of that. You just want to have enough battery life to handle what you need to do.

How to Fix Google Pixel Battery Life Problems [Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL]:

Tips #1: Use battery optimization features

Android smartphones including the Google Pixel and Pixel XL feature battery optimization. This determines how and when you use the application to put your smartphone to sleep when not in use. Go to Settings, hit Battery and click on the Menu button to find Battery Optimization and turn it on.

You can also optimize apps by tapping on them and switching them to “Optimize.” To optimize all apps, tap on the top bar and search for an option that states “All Apps.” Tap on it then tap on any applications you do not want to optimize. These may be apps like travel and financial apps. However, keep in mind that these apps will likely work fine even if they are optimized.

You will find some apps that can’t be optimized.

Tips #2: Uninstall unused apps

Look through your apps and see which ones you haven’t used much. Do you really need them? These apps – especially any that run in the background – can drain your battery life. Consider uninstalling them.

Tips #3: Check for battery drainers

Doze, a system-wide battery saver, puts apps and your operating system to sleep to increase battery life when your Android smartphone isn’t in use. It manages apps in a way that you can still get notifications from certain apps when others are sleeping.

Sometimes a poorly coded app can stay awake when it’s not supposed to. You can check this out by going to Settings, clicking on the Battery, and searching for the list of apps found on “Use since Last Charge” option. If you see an app other than voice calls, Bluetooth, Android OS or the screen taking much of the battery power, check it out to see if it is operating properly. You may want to reinstall it or consider if it’s worth the decrease in battery power.

Tips #4: Use battery saver

Your Pixel and Pixel XL include a battery saver feature. This feature limits your smartphone’s vibration, location services and background data and reduce your smartphone’s performance, but they do reign in your battery usage.

To turn on the feature, pull down on your Google Pixel’s or Pixel XL’s notification shade and find Battery Saver. Turn it on once you find it. You can also set it to come on automatically when your phone reaches 5 or 15 percent of battery life.

Tips #5: Disable LTE, location tracking and Bluetooth

Using location tracking, LTE Internet and Bluetooth can drain your battery quickly. If you do not need these services, turn them off and see if you notice a change in how fast your battery drains. You can also put the smartphone into power saving mode to limit location services (GPS) to come on only when you need it.

Tips #6: Disable Wi-Fi when not in use

Wi-Fi drains the battery when it runs continuously. If you don’t have a need to connect to Wi-Fi, such as if you’re traveling or in a location where you have no need to use your smartphone with Wi-Fi, consider disabling it until you need it.

Tips #7: Manage or disable background sync

Some of your apps like Facebook continue to run in the background to sync with your account. You can close these apps when you don’t use them by pulling down on your quick settings and swiping down with two fingers. Tap on Sync to disable it. You can also go to Settings>Account to disable sync for apps you don’t need to sync.

Tips #8: Limit tethering

It’s great to be able to use your smartphone’s Internet to power other devices, but this can drain your Pixel or Pixel XL battery. Consider turning off the tethering feature or using it less.

Tips #9: Reset or reboot your smartphone

Often the last resort, resetting or rebooting your Pixel or Pixel XL to factory specifications can fix your battery life problem. Before you do so, make sure to back up your data.

Tips #10: An alternative: Battery boost packs

Granted, this won’t prolong your battery life. It will help you to be prepared when your battery dies and you need your phone. There are plenty of battery packs that can extend your usage for hours, coming in handy when you’re on the go and not in a place where you can charge your smartphone.

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