How to Fix Google Pixel & Pixel XL Phone Wifi Issues

How to Fix Google Pixel & Pixel XL Phone WiFi Issues

Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones are out and people are pleased. But some are reporting frustration with Wi-Fi connectivity issues. It goes to say they want maximum WiFi connectivity so that they can use all the great features that the smartphones include.

How to Fix Google Pixel & Pixel XL Phone WiFi Issues:

Step #1: Reset the modem/router

Before you start messing with your smartphone, try resetting the modem or router. The problem may be with your WiFi and not your Pixel. Either way it’s an easy try to fix the problem. If you have other devices that rely on Wi-Fi, you may want to test them out to see if they are suffering from a slow connection as well.

Step #2: Restart your Google Pixel

Now try it on the other end. Restart your Google Pixel or Pixel XL phone to see if it’s having problems that can be solved by a restart. Once you restart it, see if your Wi-Fi is still having the same problems.

Step #3: Turn Pixel’s WiFi switch on and off

So neither of those tips worked. Here’s another easy way to try and fix the problem. Try toggling the Google Pixel’s Wi-Fi switch on and off. Open the menu and select Settings then Connections. Select W-Fi and turn the on/off slider to off. Wait a few seconds then turn it back on.

Another suggestion is to toggle the Airplane setting. Go to Settings and tap on Airplane Mode to turn it on. Wait about a minute then turn it back off.

Step #4: Forget the network and reconnect

Sometimes forgetting the network then re-establishing the connection works. Before you do this, make sure you have the password for the network with which you are establishing the connection.

Go to Settings on your Google Pixel or Pixel XL, tap on WFi and look for the network with which you are trying to connect. Press on the network time and, when given the option, tap on Forget Network. Turn off the Wi-Fi, wait about five or 10 seconds then turn it back on. Tap on the network name that you want to connect to, enter the password and turn it back on.

Step #5: Check power saving mode

The power saving mode limits WiFi connectivity among other features. Possibly you turned off the power saving feature and forgot it. Go to Settings and tap on Battery and Power Saving Mode. Search for the data restrictions and, if Wi-Fi is one of them, switch it back on. If you didn’t mean to keep your phone in power saving mode, turn power saving mode off.

Step #6: Check the Wi-Fi timer

The Google Pixel comes with a timer that, if set, can turn off the Wi-Fi after a given period of time. Check to see if your timer is set. Go to Settings and tap on WiFi then tap on the menu key and go to Advanced. Search for the WiFi timer and see if it is switched on. If so, turn it off.

Step #7: Check the date and time

Yes, even this can affect your WiFi connectivity. Check the date and time to see if they are accurate. It’s suggested that you allow your phone’s automatic settings to turn on the date and time so it’s automatically right. Otherwise, if it’s incorrect, fix it then try to connect to Wi-Fi.

Step #8: Check your browser and homepage

Why do you think your internet isn’t working? Is it because one specific app isn’t working? Sometimes people can mistake a malfunctioning app that isn’t working with the internet as an internet problem. Open your browser and enter a homepage that you know works and hit search. You can also use the Google search engine and see if it comes up with results. If so, then it’s likely the problem is with the app and not your phone’s internet.

Step #9: Wipe your phone’s cache partition

Another reported solution is to wipe the cache partition by putting your smartphone into recovery mode. Power off your phone then push down on the power, volume up and home buttons at the same time. Your phone will start in recovery mode and let you find an option to wipe cache partition. After the wipe’s done, tap on Reboot System Now.

Step #10: Phone switches between Wi-Fi and data plan

Does your phone switch between Wi-Fi and data usage? That’s probably because of the phone’s Smart Network Switch feature. The feature is supposed to keep your phone connected to a stable connection. Sometimes, though, it can cause other problems. Disable it by going to Settings>Wireless and unchecking the Smart Network Switch setting.

Step #11: Update your operating system

Google is reportedly fixing on a solution for its phones’ slow connectivity problem. There may be other fixes that address bugs that could be affecting your WiFi. Go to System Updates and tap on Check for updates to see if it gives you the option of updating.

Hopefully these solutions sped up your Wi-Fi and addressed your issues. Happy browsing as you enjoy your Google Pixel or Pixel XL.

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